Posted by: beckery | September 3, 2008

U-Kiss – As Long As You Love Me + Not Young MVs

I don’t follow Ukiss. As a matter of fact, I dont even remember their names, because they’re all so young and SHINee provides me with enough pedo-ing as it is. However, I’ve liked Kevin and Kibum since their Xing days, so I did watch their Not Young MV and suffered from post-pedo syndrome afterwards. The song was alright, quite catchy at some parts actually, but the whole “we’re not young anymore” and “stop treating us like kids” was pretty corny hahaha.

Watch UKiss – As Long As You Love Me MV *Here*

Yup, this is the cover of Backstreet Boy’s As Long As You Love Me. I’m really really attached to this song, so I didnt really want to have some bad engrish butchering it up for me. However, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and listened to the song. And I’m impressed. I thought their english was great! Well great for a Korean band. Especially Kevin, but then again I always knew Kevin had good english haha. I’m glad they didnt kill the song, but they should of remixed it a bit cuz it sounds practically the same as the original and if you ask me which one I would choose, I think I would stick with Backstreet Boys lol.

And since we’re on the topic, I’d thought I’d chuck in Shinhwas cover of As Long As You Love Me too. *here* Lol I never miss an opportunity to promote Shinhwa do I? But watch it for Hyesung’s sexy engrishhh <3 ::EDIT:: Oh I just remembered, EunTeuk sang it on Sukira *here* Lol at Teuk’s fail XD


  1. DAMN U AND DAMN THEM LOL. They can’t sing “As long as you love me” and not expect me to like them.
    UKISS *O*

    …and hello Kibum !!!!! Great. How many more kibums do I have to fangirl over T___T

  2. UKISS..They sang ALAYLM really well!
    I was impressed!!

    Then theres..Shinhwa..and is Shinhwa.
    & I love Dongwan…XD

    Buttttt…I voted for EunTeuk.

    When i first saw that vid, i watched 324243 times.
    Eunhyuk was pretty good..but..Leeteuk..LOL
    I loved how Teuk was singing, and he looked like he though he was the best ever, even though he was getting words wrong.
    I love Engrish.
    (Which is why i favor Junsu a lot..)

  3. I voted U-Kiss.

    I’ve never heard of this group..but wow. They sang this song really well. I love the original, but this is a great cover. Kevin’s English has always amazed me, but I could understand every word of this song. I love all the little rap parts. Shinhwa’s version is also pretty good. Eunteuk…part fail, but they’re hilarious to watch <3

  4. I voted U-Kiss :D

    I like Kevin and Kibum from their old group, but I actually I like their version more because I was able to understand their English. Of course Shinhwa’s will always be my favorite haha (I’m bias,their my ultimate boy band group)

    anyways it’s unrelated but Kibum is like the carbon copy of his brother, scary! haha even the voice when I first heard him I was like why’s Hyung Jun in here lol.

  5. C
    Damn you, Damn boybands and Damn youtube keeps giving me shiny distractions T_T

    Yea, UKiss did sing the song very well!! I LOVE the song and I’m glad they didnt wreck it. Awesome english, great singing but I was talking to PAS and we both agreed that they should of added a bit of their own “thing/style” to it, to make it unique for them. Because if their version is too similar to the original, normally fans would go for the original singer lol.

    Like in my case, I would have chosen BB instead of Ukiss. Except because I love Shinhwa too much and I knew they wouldnt get alot of votes, I had to vote for them haha..Plus, its rare to have them singing in english ok. So yea I’m biased, sue me =P

    EunTeuks version was purely for crack in my case lol. Because
    1.Their english totally fails. (Hyukjae’s wasnt too bad actually, I was surprised he knew the song lol)
    2. Teukie teukie angel didnt even know the words
    3. They cant make me watch this and take it seriously hahahhaha. Gosh I love these boys and if Eunhyuk ever serenaded me with this song, I would laugh in his face then melt into a puddle of goo and ask him to marry me <3333

    Kevin’s english has always been awesome. I still remember his english songs during Xing days. Very impressive stuff. And his sooooo cute too *_* hahaha..I think Ukiss is a pretty awesome group, just a bit too young and its going to be tough to compete with all the big boy bands our there like dbsk, suju, big bang etc. Owell. Hope them well! <33

    Hiii there!!! Is it just me or havent I seen you for ageeessss, my fellow Shinhwa lover XDDD hahahaha. You should come here more often to spaz with me, cuz I dont really feel the Shinhwa love around here *pouts* I think its pretty obvious, but they’re my ultimate boy band too <3

    As I said ImJustKeed’In, I chose Shinhwa purely because I knew they would be lacking votes and I get upset when they’re too far behind in votes hahaha. Otherwise, I would have chosen the original Backstreet Boys. Not that Ukiss sucked cuz they were awesome. And I know right! Kibum and Hyungjoon are like twins haha. How cute is that? XD

  6. . .even though i love eunteuk oppa’s version and it made me laugh as if there’s no tomorrow [LOL]. .
    . .i voted U-KISS. .
    . .i really love them so much esp. kibum, kevin, & eli oppa. .
    . .of course i also love dongho, alexander, & soohyun^_^. .
    . .when i first heard about U-KISS from my bestfriend i was like what???? “U-KISS”. .strange name huh. .
    . .then when she played their song NOT YOUNG. .i became very interested. .
    . .and now i do really really love them so. .
    . .i choose their version of “as long as you love me”. .
    . .even though their version is really alike in the original song. .
    . .they sang it very well. .
    . .esp when i watched them sang it in a live broadcast station. .
    . .my heart melted & beated so fast. .
    . .also the rap parts. .waaahhhssss. .so great!!!. .
    . .i hope u all agree with me that U-KISS are very talented. .and for me they are INTERNATIONAL. .
    . .i say INTERNATIONAL for them knowing sorts of languages. .
    . .and i’m very glad seeing that they had the most votes in the survey here. .
    . .sarangheyo U-KISS!!!!. .FIGHTING!!! ^_^. .

  7. I like this boybad when first time I know!specially for Kim Kibum….





    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

  10. u kiss your all handsome i love you

    u kiss


    u kiss is the best aja!

  11. U-KISS is the best!!!!

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