Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 4, 2008

2PM Debut Performance

Video: mitchybits @ Youtube

Their dancing is really awesome :D Can’t say the same for their singing, but hey, their choreography’s really hard so I’m willing to excuse the mediocre singing :P

I know I’ve said this before, but Nichkhun is really cute *__* I couldn’t actually find him in the actual performance, but he looked cute in the intro clip XD *flails*. Have you guys listened to their mini-album yet? It’s actually pretty good; I really liked “Only You”.

The group doesn’t really stand out to me in terms of vocals, but that’s reasonable considering how they’re the “dance” part of “One Day” (I think the 2AM boys are in charge of the “singing” part) but their dancing is really good; look at their flips! I hope these boys do well :D

I haven’t listened to much Kpop recently (Any “There For Tomorrow” fans here?) but I really really liked 2AM’s album, go try it! I hope 2AM and 2PM will join up soon…..but I should probably start learning their names XD (12 boys….oh no :( )


  1. the singing’s just average, i agree but they’ll only get better, trust me :) one is at least an excellent singer (JunSu) and JaeBum, JunHo and WooYoung are good enough for me. while the other 3, they are okay-ish but might have problem holding long notes hihi. these boys look to be well-prepared in terms of stamina though, for a debut performance and such intense choreography, they managed to look good throughout and certainly didn’t come off sounding tired (because i attribute any lackings this time in vocal-sense to their natural and actual singing ability heh)

    but have to agree the dancing is through the roof! the flips are soooo smooth! and poor JaeBum stumbled a bit at the end but overall, 10 thumbs-up! look at how many times the camera gives from-the-top view, because their formation and positioning were perfect!

    uu SHINee’s gonna have to look out for some real competitor here. goodluck to them both groups! anyway noticed that i’ve totally mixed up my present and past tense, but that’s just how bad my grammar is. sorree-dee :D

  2. Imo, SHINee still has the best debut so far. But I really like how things are shaping up for the One Day boys. Nick Khun is cute indeed. :P But 12 boys?!?! As if Suju wasn’t enough…… :(

  3. i’m confused, i thought it was 11 boys..
    7+4 = 11 right? …x.x ahah i feel like i’m missing something here..

    i think their debut perf was decent ^^
    the dancing is very impressive, but i think it might be a bit too intense for them to sing at the same time.

  4. help u find Nichkhun in the perf.
    he is the one wearing white long sleeves shirt and when they stand in line (i mean when the has 1 person perf. or sing their part on the side and the rest of the boy stand in line on the other side) Nichkhun always on the front
    and around 2.30 (la la la part) he is in the front

  5. So I haven’t commented here in ages, but HI I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU AND EVERYONE HERE :(. I hope you’re doing well! And another boy band, oh my XDD. Gonna check them out and hopefully not get too obsessed <3.

  6. Inquinn:
    I like Jaebum; he’s a really good dancer :D!

    I was surprised to hear NO puffing sounds! Idk, I would’ve been DEAD on the ground if I had to sing and dance to choreography as intense as theirs, so claps for them :D

    I agree with you about the birds eye view shots; their formation was so good!

    Yea, SHINee’s debut was VERY strong (though I think they owed some of that to SME’s influence in the industry…)

    Rofl, I can’t count XDDDDD

    I think they should lip-synch to a song like that :)

    Thank you <3! I suck at finding people xDDD

    HI. YOU’RE BACK FROM JAPAN. I SUCK AT COMMENTING AT YOUR BLOG XD. But I’ve been stalking all your posts (thus how I know you’re back :P)

    How was your trip????

    I strongy recommend 2AM’s album; it’s really good :D


    Ah it’s all right, lol, I’ve been very low on motivation about updating it XD. Need to get back in the groove!

    It was awesome! I have to tell you about something really awesome that happened that has nothing to do with pretty boys (well, it does have something to do with A pretty boy, but yanno) cause jalskdfjls. I’ll e-mail you soon <3!

    Okay, I’ll be sure to check that out! Thanks, my dear <3

  8. Haha, I think out of all the posts we’ve done this month, only 2 have been done by me XDDD I’MSOLAZY.

    I JUST GOT YOUR EMAIL. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :DDDDD I loved reading your story; I’ll email you back soon with my (slightly less interesting) story about a pretty boy :P

    Do you have a picture of your pretty boy? I really want to see what he looks like…(I won’t stalk him, promise :P)

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