Posted by: beckery | September 4, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment News

Eric’s management company have announced that Eric will be enlisting into the Noksan Training Center in Busan on 9th October. “Eric is taking a break right now, conditioning his health.”

Though Eric was initially classified as a combat fit soldier, he has since been reclassified as a public service officer after being involved in an accident on the film set of Wolf in 2006.

Eric is the first of the Shinhwa members to enlist.

His management company added, “Eric is cool about this, and he will serve his duty to the best of his abilities.”

He may be featuring in Son Dambi’s new song Micheosseo (Crazy). A spokesperson said, “We thought it might be included in her new album, but it was delayed. Hopefully the song gets released before he enlists.”

Source: Newsen + Asian Economic
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans:

Funny how I just replied to moonynim saying I couldnt find any new stuff on Eric and then I stumbled across this. I wish I didnt. I wish they hadn’t used that photo, cuz he looks so gorgeous in it. I wish he wasn’t enlisting on the 9th October. I wish that that date wasnt in a months time. I wish he wasn’t enlisting at all. I wish they had mentioned something about his solo album instead of getting my hopes high for it and again and again failing to release it. And lastly, I WISH I DIDNT HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY WIDOW! Damn you Eric! Dont know why I’m turning into a crazy girl? Then imagine one of your favourite DBSK/SUJU/SHINee boy about to be shipped off to the army and you’ll feel my pain… *runs off to my corner and drowns myself with tears*



    *rolling in a yard of misery* Why must life be this way?!? Nothing but pain, pain, pain…

    Beckery!!!! Go find us some happy Eric news!!! I’m dying right here!!! TT_TT

  2. I WISH I DIDNT HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY WIDOW! LOLOLOL. I feel your pain, but that line was really funny XD

    You know, even when the last SJ boy is back from military, I think SHINee still won’t be “shipped off” XD

  3. I feel your pain, really. But then, I guess it can’t be helped. Just think that two years isn’t so damn long, and he’ll come back a better Eric. =X

  4. :( my fave Shinhwa man is leaving … dammit 2 years is waaaay to long to be deprived of Eric, but I’m loving that pic of his.

  5. moonynim
    ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!! If you didnt ask for eric news, I wouldnt have visited Shinhwa forums to look for pics and news to post for you then I wouldnt have stumbled across this and I wouldnt be so depressed right now *tear* Lol im joking. It was inevitable since I visit the forums every day anyways. Just needed someone to blame XDDD *huggles you*

    I’m trying to find good news to post up I cant find any *drowns in misery*

    THATS CUZ SHINEE ARE ALL YOUNG, YOU PEDO!!!! I’m in depression and your laughing at me T_T Your such a great friend *pouts* Dont talk to me!

    I know you feel my pain because you like Shinhwa too right right?!? But man two years isss a long time. TWO years = 730 days without immature, gorgeous stud Eric. Without leadershii. Without RicSung. Without the full Shinhwa. *sobs*

    Ohh poor you. Is he your favourite? Eric is my 2nd fav but he definitely comes close behind Dongwan, so its killing me that they’re both leaving. T_T I love that pic too, which is why they shouldnt have used it =_= *clings to you so we can cry together*

  6. Ahhhh..
    I love Eric and i’m sad about it.
    Poor him..
    but now..the news is that Dongwan might go by the end of this month or very early october..before Eric!!

    No! No! No!

    Seriously..this is the only thing i hate about Korea.

    There it is.

    I keep wondering when its going to be SJ&DBSK..and and..
    Heechul in the army???!!!!?!!?!?!
    Shaved head??!!

    I’m sorry..i drank a lot of coffee..kind of jittery.

    Eric & Dongwan will looked good with shaved heads.
    Because…i said so.

    If this post made no sorry, i can’t understand things right now.

  7. Yea I read about it aswell. Theres no official enlistment date for Dongwan so I’m just going to pretend I didnt see it…Cuz Eric’s news is bad enough, I really dont want to think about Dongwans aswell =(

    Eric looks alright with shaved head, cuz I’ve seen him with it before. I remember Dongwan shaved his head at one stage and I didnt really like it, but its Dongwan, so I’m willing to turn a blind eye to it hahaha..

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