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SHINee Reality Show Ep6

::EDIT:: Added the next two parts!

Hey, it’s not even Friday yet but one part is already up.

I’m also sleep deprived but I don’t care. SHINee is more important than rest :D

Part 1

SHINee are given a letter from their new noona and for some reason they give it to Seo In Young to have a look. I…can’t decide if I like SIY or not. Cause, yes her performance with SHINee was terrible, but I watched a few of her cuts on We Got Married and I find her kinda cute, lol. Like, when they were doing their wedding pictures and she was asleep but her phone rang; she looked so … idk? Vulnerable? Without her husband? Lol. Anyway!

So they all go to this little … hut like thing LOL out in the middle of nowhere. While everyone is carrying boxes and bags of stuff, Key has like a chopping board (or something like it XD) and he complains about it being heavy AHAHA. He’s joking, of course. They go to enter their “dorm” and ONEW HIT HIS HEAD AHAHAHHAA. OMG SO FUNNY LOL! I can’t stop laughing XDD

Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit. They have to cook for the noona I think because they start preparing some food. Jonghyun needs to wash the rice and he goes to do it in the toilet =.=”” Then he runs out and asks for Key to help but Key is like “I don’t know how to do it” and then Jonghyun says “But you’re the mom” ROFL. Omg, I think I’m starting to like Jongkey…even though I’m anti-SHINee couples. GRR.

This is really cute. You get to see the way the boys interact while they’re together under the one roof, bustling about. Especially Key with his fly swat XDD. Taemin’s “He would always carry a stick of some sort and use that to hit things”. AHAHAHHAHAH LOL KEY <33333. Jonghyun cleans the apples and I don’t know if the sound was added or not but he literally made it squeaky clean.

Finally the noona arrives. When she’s speaking to the camera she looks like a 16 yr old O_O I think it’s the fringe. But at the actual place, she looks over 20. She never went to college and she said when her friends went to meetings, she wanted to play with SHINee. T____T

SHINee go to introduce themself and omg MINHO, IT’S OKAY, I LOVE YOU XD. He said hello to her first yet she says she still didn’t notice he was there ;___; Then Onew called him “Flaming charisma that’s on the icebox” ROFLL!! OH. OH RIGHT LOL. He was literally sitting on the icebox XD AHAHA I thought they were teasing about how Minho is always so cool. OOPS, MY BAD. Jonghyun says something about her shoes and Onew comments “I don’t think she will be compatible with me”. AWWW. Does this mean he doesn’t go for materialistic girls? And I felt really happy seeing him say that because…well, it shows that he doesn’t do everything just to win.

I have no idea why she had to take a gazillion pairs of heels there =.=” Hmm…I don’t like her at all XDD. Stupid Jonghyun said that Key and the noona are compatible 7.7 AND OMG THEY PLAYED THAT GAME!!!!!! Me and my friends at school play that game. The best part is the beginning where you just go ting ting ting and whatever other noises you’re supposed to make XD It is sooooo fun!!!

When the noona lost, she was supposed to eat the garlic but she asked Key to eat it. CHEATER. I really don’t like her. She’s so…spoiled? And if Key gets picked this episode, I’m never watching the show again.

I hope she picks Minho and then he can be quiet the entire date AHAHAHA. I’m so mature ^__^

Part 2

I have to ask this now. What is it with everyone and wearing wigs? Like the first Noona, this one has short hair and long hair and she can’t have done the interview first without having filmed the show so then obviously the hair is fake.

Lucky the noona leaves before they sleep lol but she left all her shoes in their room? =.=” The next day, they go to a swimming pool </3 WHAT IS SHE WEARING?? Perverts. *heart breaks some more* Go Key for asking her “Aren’t you embarrassed to be wearing something like that” AHAHA Go Key!! While in the pool, they throw stuff at the noona and drag her around LOL IM ENJOYING THIS SO MUCH.

They play a game where they pick a member which fits a certain criteria. One was who is the funniest and when Jonghyun said Onew the noona goes “He’s funny but a little boring”. BITCH. Then she offends Taemin by picking an easy opponent and saying “Isn’t it obvious?”. Can I say BITCH again? LOL. And she holds a grudge against him because he pushed her hard. Seriously, she’s spoiled.

Then they play volleyball and she sucks. AHAHA.

Part 3

DINNER FIRST. BBL. No appetite anyway ROFL.

So continuing on with their volleyball game. The losing team (the one the noona is on, of course) gets sprayed by water. Minho is such a man *O* he uses his lifejacket to shield the noona ahahhahaa.

They decide to go on a waterslide (poor Key is still afraid of heights). For some really stupid reason, the noona has to decide who goes down which slide. She calls Onew “You” and tells him to go down the scariest one. How dare she…Anyway she leaves Key up the top with her *rolls eyes*. Oh. So this is the elimination process. ROFL Jonghyun said he felt good being eliminated. I LOVE U JONGHYUN!!!! See, none of them like this noona.

KEY GOT PICKED AGAIN. Oh…did you guys hear that? It was the sound of my heart breaking.

Hmm, she must’ve heard me threatening her LOL because she wrote Key a letter rejecting him. YAY KEY, YOU”RE ALL MINE AGAIN :D/

Again, this only proves this noona is spoiled and does whatever she wants. But whatever.




  1. hahahaha.. i’m glad the date didn’t push through.. lol..
    i think the noona is fickle-minded..

    and i enjoyed watching key with his mic.. <3333

  2. ^I’m glad too. IDK, I think the noona acted a bit too superior. Like…if you know you’re only interested in manly/older guys, then don’t waste SHINee’s time. And don’t waste my brain power getting angry at you when you’re only going to turn down Key again XD

  3. Jonghyun is such a gooooood boy *pats him on the head*..Its ok this noona right here isnt like that one in the episode, so you dont have to be scared XDDD Ohh and Minho, its ok if your “Flaming charisma that’s on the icebox”. I’ll take you as you are….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh suffering from post pedo syndrome =_________________=

  4. exactly.. i even gave her the benefit of a doubt before judging her.. lol.. but really, must she do this to key? the poor boy might not like her but he seems disappointed.. i bet the production team was pissed for getting this noona who in the end wasted their time and effort.. lol

    and was it taemin who said (im not sure coz i have a memory like a gold fisht “i hope the next noona is not like this? XD

  5. bec
    You are now officially infected with pedo-itis. Welcome to our PNA. Pedo something annon. I forgot what the N stands for ROFL.

    “Flaming charisma that’s on the icebox” AHAHAHA. IT WAS FUNNY, OK? XDD

    I honestly think none of the boys liked this noona XD Like when Jonghyun was relieved about not getting picked and yeah I’m pretty sure it was Taemin who said “I hope the next one isnt like this”.

    I’m happy the date didn’t happen, but poor Key. It was as if he did something wrong when it was all the noonas fault.

    I agree, this one was a complete waste of time =.=”

  6. omg! shinee sang miracle with sj-h at todays mnet mcountdown. ajhsjhALKJSKJFLASJj;kashjfhsjh;kjhsa;sjfh sorry.. i have been spazzing the whole day coz of so many things and then this again.. ahh my heart can’t take it anymore..XD


  7. ^Gonna do a post right away :D ♥

  8. HOMG LOL D8 I don’t even know if I want to watch this episode now, knowing the way the nuna’s gonna act. Ick~ who picked her again?

    But I think I should watch anyway for the funny parts. :D


    I watched less than 5 minutes of the video but it took me almost 20 minutes because I kept going back to watch Key being all motherly x) & I love how he had that *I am so not interested in you* look when he introduced himself. Puahaha key is mine, all mine! :B

    *dies* okay I better stop because I’ll go on & on & on about key ^^ (lol i know you know what I mean :D)

  10. Well, we all share the same feelings about Model Noona (although I will say she looked very pretty with the black wig) so I won’t talk about that but there were a lot of funny parts in this episode. Washing rice in the toilet – GROSS, GROSS, GROSS…I can’t believe what TaeMin said about Onew being funny ‘once or twice a year’. ROFL! Taemin, you’re killing me. Key’s mike was really funny too and I felt so bad for him when they picked the high slides. At least the noona saved him from that. The other slide thwy went is really fun – I’ve been on one like that.

    Dude, I’m anti-SHINee couples too…I don’t want to think of my babies that way – but JongKey is really starting to become blatant now. Oy.

    At least now we know the show’s not scripted since Key got picked twice. He did seem kind of excited for the date though, still I don’t think he was THAT disappointed about her backing out – I think he was just trying to hide his relief (to be nice, obviously). The show’s producers were probably glad when she said she didn’t want to do the second date if they didn’t make her back out since it wouldn’t have been very popular with the viewers. Thank goodness, that was only one episode. 7 looks way fun though – now we know where those pictures are from!

    Oy, sorry for the long comment.

    she’s like SIY. but man SIY is wayyyy cooler. atleast she has a boy-ish side of her WHILE THIS WHORE-Y NOONA IS WEAK AND keep bitching abt them lol. im nt even a fan of shinee but seriously poor boys. “i was surprised..he hit me so hard. he doesnt know how to treat a girl” -_______________________-

    sorry. actually im really nice XDD btw GO KEY
    “arent u embarassed wearing that?”

    im starting to hate this show. lol

  12. etherenia
    Lol no one liked her so that made me happy. They were kinda obvious too LOL well I thought so, anyway. Yes, do watch for the funny parts :D

    I KNOW, HE IS SO AWESOME. LMAO ME TOO! Especially with Onew hitting his head on the doorframe. Oh man, I watched that at least 5 times XDD And I thought so too! He was being all cool and I thought “Okay, good, Key isn’t interested”XD

    She did look pretty with the black wig but omg her personality was so ugh. LOL I know. Food in the toilet = YUCK.

    Yeah, JongKey is in every.single.clip. It’s really hard to ignore them coz they’re soo cute XD.

    I know eh! I thought each boy would be picked once and then end it or have like 10 episodes but I guess the noona really does get a choice.

    And I love long comments so no worries <3

    Lol yeah they said she was like SIY too but this noona was so aggravating. Gosh, she pissed me off and I hardly openly bitch about someone like that XD Oh, what? You don’t like SHINee? LOL then how come you’re watching their reality show XD

    Haha I love the show when anyone but Key gets picked XDD

  13. no i mean im TRYING lol XDDD i used to like them during the replay ‘era’ and i was kinda really disappointed of their world album cause i didnt like even one of the song from the album. so im strting to like them bck lol. my brain works different ways. XDDD

    but man KEY jst rocks! i love his microphone XD but lol i can see yr fav is key too? ahah

  14. ^Haha icic. Oh I loved their album (still haven’t dled it yet :DD) but I was disappointed because I expected more “Replay” type songs because thats’ wat makes SHINee stand out :(

    I mean, if Onew, the man who says “I love all woman” saying that shes not compatible with him, it seriously means something.
    It means shes just simply horrible and doesnt want to spend time with her…or so I want to think (Me=A big Onew lover).

    And Minho’s flaming charisma on the icebox LOL. I thought it was figurative, not literative but I guess it was literativexDDD

    lol key wins in my books after seeing him singing so darn well for “So Hot” and “Girls Generation”xD And he talks real well and have some good mc skills so I adore him<3

    I’m actually happy the next episode is more historical era kinda thing. The noona seems cool with her sword and the guys look sexy as a swordsman.

  16. ^Haha I know! That’s why I felt really happy hearing Onew be so honest :)
    I thought they were being figurative too XD Yeah, I really wanna see Key do some real MCing. Seriously, he has great potential for everything ^^

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