Posted by: lovediaries | September 4, 2008

SHINee & SuJu H Special Stage

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}

Thanks to nylenuol for alerting me of this performance :D/♥♥

SHINee sung Miracle !!!

The opening was soo cute. They didn’t exactly lift Taemin up but more attach themselves to a part of his body and jump out XD. Bad description, but watch and understand. They’re so cute, you guys! Like…Miracle suits their age more lol. Such a happy, bubbly song for little boys.


THEN SJH come out :D/ And omg so many people on stage!!!

Key looked so nervous dancing/singing next to Yesung! *squish*

And Sungmin! Hello there :DDD Then Minho leaned his head on Teuk’s shoulder! ALSKDJALSKJDASLJDAS!!!

AHH, you guys, my heart hurts from the cuteness ^___^


  1. aww this was really cute :D Thanks for sharing :D
    I like this song, and I like the fact that 3 of my favorite groups sang this song (H.O.T – original, SUJU – remake, now Shinee! ) I think this song really fits Shinee just cause of their age and it’s such a happy song that it fits their personality.

  2. i’m calm now lol..
    miracle is one of my fave suju songs and shinee singing it with although 5 of them is already awesome!!! <3333

    and taemin sang heechul’s part.. ahhh the brothers separated by birth!! lol

    MINHO, minho why do i keep noticing you these days.. lol.. he should sing more.. although it was just a few lines, he sounded good XDD.

    super junior looks so happy.. and when the camera zoomed out during the part where they were on a line you would actually think it’s suju performing. lol.. now, i miss seeing 13 of them together..

    ahhh.. i want more..more sm love please..XD

    dbsk + shinee = next?????

  3. YESSSS! Ever since I heard SHINee’s first album, I was kind of hoping they’d go towards Minho singing more. And yessss, here it is. Well, they’re starting to, at least.

    You’re right about how the song suits them more. XD

    ASlkjdfl there was so much cuteness I cried. :D And I think I’m kinda liking Minho more now.

  4. I disagree with all of you.
    The cute image suits SuJu more and that was also the second song that suju sang after their debute. Suju are were not old when they debuted because if SuJu were old then I am a grandma. XD
    I cried because it brought back the 3 years memories that I had for SuJu. The happy and sad times.
    I also hope shinee be successful in their career too and I know they will.

    NO need to argue because I just stated what I think and didn’t want to insult anyone.

  5. @babiegel
    This is Miracle not happiness. Happiness was a remake originally by H.O.T.

  6. My favorite SJ song with SHINee and SJH :))))

    Omg, they are really cute, especially when they start doing the little wavy things with their hands later in the song. They’re so smiley in the opening and this song does fit SHINee.

    I was so excited when SJH came out on stage, haha.

  7. Ahh! I told you if Suju and Shinee ever did a special stage I would go blind from excessive cute. O.o I totally noticed the Taemin/Heechul reference. And Minho finally sang in a perf…with Yesung! I love that kid.^^

  8. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! I was smiling the whole time I was watching this and HOMG YESEX!!! I got goosebumps when he sang *___*

    They should let Minho sing more.

  9. ahhh minho!! why doesn’t he sing more often!!!!!

    and just wondering does key’s voice remind anyone else of kangin’s voice?? i don’t know but i always feel whenever key sings that i’ve heard his voice before….

    but a lovely performance~~ a little pitchy at some points… but i agree seeing all those people on stage made me want to have sj all together again ^^

  10. babiegel
    No problem! Thanks for commenting <3
    Yeah, SHINee are capable of singing songs suiting all ages lol

    Haha, I actually don’t really like miracle that much because it’s too happy for me XD But after watching this performance, I like it a whole lot more. Biased much? XD SJ did a great job of it but idk…as of now, SHINee are more young and fresh?

    Seriously, Minho’s plan is working lol. By being the most quietest one, he’s actually gotten a lot of attention for never speaking.

    I would DIE to see DBSKee (??). Well, not die…but you know what I mean :P

    I’m glad I can finally witness Minho singing LIVE lol as opposed to rapping. I was close to tears too because they are sooo adorable.

    It’s ok, we’re all entitled to our own opinions ^____^

    Lol nah we’re not exactly saying SuJu is old but compared to the other songs that SHINee sing, this one suits them more. Especially since none of them know about “love” it kinda makes sense to be singing about how “life couldn’t get better” XD

    Lol I’m such an emo girl, I never really liked Miracle XD But I do find the dance very cute :D


    Agree. I hope Minho gets more lines in the future :D/

    I actually always thought Key’s voice was quite unique…so I never really thought it sounded like Kangin’s? XD I know, I miss all 13 together and it’s been so long since there were that many people on stage together lol.

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