Posted by: lovediaries | September 4, 2008

SHINee – YTN Star Jacket & MV Shooting

::EDIT: Longer clip here. There’s a lot of Jongkey in here so if you didn’t watch the other video, I suggest you watch this one :D

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

WOOT It’s finally been subbed :D


Yay! I see Key with his head on Onew’s lap ^^ I just find that really adorable because … IDK, someone agree with me!!! Lol. Taemin looks really evil when he reaches out for the camera but Minho is extra smiley here :DD

Jonghyun is reeeeeeally cute in this because he’s like we say the same thing as if we’re a tape .. or something like that. Which is true! But it’s cute that they’re actually aware of it. So I guess it isn’t scripted XD They just run out of things to say!

Onew says the camera lights are so bright it hurts his eyes. Well his smile is so bright it hurts mine XDD. AND OMG Jonghyun lies across a table *hyperventilates*.

Then they’re fliming Love like Oxygen MV. Last time they had the “chicken noodle dance” + the “horse track dance” or whatever and this time they have the “Prayer dance” and the “climbing up the wall dance”. LOL I LOVE these names HAHA.

Onew is off in his own world again (sort of) and he walks off to go practice or something. Key and Jonghyun go on about his “cleaning shoe” move which is very cool. But yeah…Onew is better at it than they are XD.



  1. Ahh… why do I keep on reading YOUR articles -_- It’s to satisfy my SHINee obsession. They’re like a drug, honest.

    It’s the Key thing. But OMG KEY AND ONEW LOOK SO CUTE <

  2. ^Lol don’t make it sound like a bad thing to be reading my posts ^__^ YOU KNOW U LOVE ME SHINee. Which is exactly why you can’t resist ;)

  3. You know I don’t know why I always wait until I read your posts before I watch these things. I see them, say I’ll watch it later and then as soon as I read your entry about them, I rush to watch it. Guess that just goes to show how cool your posts are. :)

    I love that JongKey appreciate Onew’s move – I totally agree with them, am so glad Onew got a cool move. Oh yes, and Jonghyun stretched out across a table…… *still speechless*

  4. ^Haha wow, thank you ♥ l do feel cool indeed LOL. I’m just doing my job here of spreading the SHINee love :DD

    Yeah, I thought they were going to say something nasty to Onew since he just went “K, bye” </3
    But they were actually complimenting him!!!

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