Posted by: lovediaries | September 5, 2008

080904 Love like Oxygen & Pajama Party on Mnet

I was going to watch more performances but I need to do some work before sleeping early tonight ;___;

Love Like Oxygen – I want suspenders ;___; But ties are still good <3 And you know, I’ve realised that it’s hard to get sick of SHINee performances because you always spot something new. The dance looks “easy” enough but when all the complicated footwork and positioning and everything is put together, there is actually a lot happening.

Pajama Party – This song has been stuck in my head for days. So at school, I always dance to the chorus. Well…only the part where they’re putting on pajamas XD PAJAMA ipgo… PAJAMA ipgo…LOL coz theyre the only words I know XD Anyway, this is a Goodbye Stage because they’re going to end promotional activities for Pajama Party. I wonder if they’ll be promoting any of their other tracks? Please not Sunny.

When they first started dancing, I thought “Omg normal pjs!” Then I saw their pants T____T. Kangin isn’t there. You know, if Kangin was going to be busy, SM shouldn’t have bothered putting him in this subgroup. Especially since that was the reason for SJH instead of SJT, you know?

But anyway, I really need to learn this dance; it’s so cute :D/ And I think the members have improved a lot in terms of their singing. I remember watching Don’t Don performances that once made me cry coz they were so bad but recently, they’ve all been singing pretty well :) Though some were unimpressed with their special stage with SHINee XD.


  1. Love like Oxygen =
    Ties are good! Jonghyun looks good sweaty..>.>
    (Good thing hes like a year older than me, Perfect?…XD)
    I loved it, but Taemin needs to lose the hat, did he cut his hair?
    He looks waaay too much like Heechul.
    Not that..thats bad..

    They looks a bit off..kind of tired, i guess?
    Ah, it was still really good. ^^
    I really like this song.

    Pajama =
    I love this song.
    I have a part stuck in my head too! Its Yesung’s “Pajamaaaa!”
    It just sounds funny to me..^^
    (All though it used to be that “oooh baby oooh baby” damn that was annoying)
    My favorite part of the song, will always be Shindong’s rap..
    its so funny!
    I think its because of that Parody..

    XD(I don’t want Sunny..only because..i’m afraid of SNSD)
    I think Pajama Party and Cooking, are the only songs i like..

    SJH is cool..but i don’t like all the subgroups.
    Even though SJM is the best.
    SJT will always be my favorite.

    Oh..and i hate Sungmin’s hair.

    Heh. ^^

  2. SHINee.. these kids just got better and better.. <3 And i want them in suspenders too, and fruity-colored clothes.. I too, will never get tired of their performances. I realized that when they were still promoting Replay. Like how they change footworks from time to time, their clothes, their ending pose, etc. Their dance may look “easy” yeah but their precision, consistency and umph (haha) doesn’t sacrifice their vocals.. They dance and sing great at the same time.. <3

    SUJU-H.. I will miss seeing them perform.. with all their cracktastic moments and what not.. SJ-H allowed Yehsex ample camera time and a time to shine.. XDDD Although I sometimes forget that Kangin is part of this subgroup coz I hardly see him perform with them, I think they really did improve on their live singing.. I wish when 13 of them are back to each other’s arms, they won’t lipsynch anymore. XD

  3. RAWRR. Jonghyun looks yummy~~~ Sounds yummy, too. But, well, when doesn’t he? I gotta say, though, some parts of the dance are just a TINY bit girly? Y/Y? I think it’s all the twisty, rolly stuff >.> Are guys supposed to be that flexible?? Seriously, though, I love their sound~~ And Onew’s little shoe cleaning move is REALLY starting to grow on me. xDD Everytime it gets to that part of the song, I swear I stick out my leg in reflex. =D

  4. inorite, i mean that was why heechul was taken out, but like as if kangin doesnt already have a ton of skeds to begin with T_T and the 5 left seem to be holding up pretty well without him. course im not bitter or anything :-/

    OH THANK GOD PAJAMA PARTY IS OVER T_T The choreo is actually cute but just GAH, that song is so, WTF. :-\

    I’m kinda hoping they promote Cha HAebwa/ Good Luck. That one is a really good harmony song, sort of has the feel good feel of like Miracle or something. But its not upbeat so idk. But its my absolute fave in th SJH single, the best song imop. :)

    SJH is cool..but i don’t like all the subgroups.
    Even though SJM is the best.
    SJT will always be my favorite.

    WORD!!!! You are so SPOT ON!!!! XD SJT is the most fun cos Trot is crazyfunshit, but SJM is the best really, SM really went all out cos its for Chinam lmao and SJH, idek really XD KRY is also pretty good but I guess too many ballad groups already.

  5. ImJustKeed’In
    Haha yes I agree :) Good thing, Jonghyun is older than me ;)
    Yeah Taemin trimmed his hair about a wk or more ago not sure if he did it again. Actually I thought they look a bit tired in this performance too :S
    I AGREE. I really can’t stand the song Sunny cause it sounds so whiny. Eek

    Haha I bet Yesung loved being in SJH. Except I still really miss cry :’(

    Actually I’m disappointed that SJM still haven’t performed U live. If SJH can and SJm has two of the best singers, why can’t they sing live for a dance song too?

    Lol girly? Really?

    Haha I’ll forever remember his show cleaning move. LOL you stick your leg out XD

    Yeah that’s exactly my point. I see more performances without Kangin than with him and they still manage fine. At least that way, SJH wouldn’t have been that similar to SJT.

    Lol I’m more into ballads so I’d say KRY + SJM are my fav. Maybe SJM cause Henry and Donghae and Kyuhyun in the same group is just freaking awesome. But nothing beats SJ :D

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