Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 5, 2008

SJ-M’s “Me” MV Screencaps

Pictures: Sina

The actual “Me” MV will be released after the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, but Sina was nice enough to release these screencaps :)

Idk, I didn’t expect this dance to have a choreography….but in that first picture Ryeowook looks like he’s showing off his dancing skilllz XDDD

It annoys me that they’re still in their “U” outfits. THESE BOYS NEED NEW CLOOOOOOTHES :'((((( Something with COLOUR would be good :D And Donghae, Kyuhyun and Siwon need haircuts :(

I should start an SJ-M charity…..


  1. WTH. They’re in their U outfits. That is sooo cheap. No one wears the same outfits for TWO MVs ;_____;

  2. Why is SM soo stingy? lol. >.<
    Though I like ME, I want an MV for The Moment! :P

  3. I will gladly support your charity.

  4. Event though I’m not fan of SuJuM but why is SM so stingy?
    Couldn’t he give them new outfits?
    So cheap, SM just wants money rather than spending it. RAWR!!!

  5. Yeah, that is really cheap. O___o’ Dammit DBSK, why did you ALL have to change your hair? So selfish. -.-” [<– That was a joke…]
    But yay, a MV for Me … If I was one of the people in the studio during the filming, I’d run around with hidden scissors and cut their hair. I’m seriously going to die if Donghae’s hair becomes like his debut hair again. -twitch-

  6. I heard that when they filmed U they filmed another MV (obviously Me LOL) after this, so probably they wore those because apparently the ones they have now didn’t exist yet? XD

  7. Wth? There are colorful blocks in the background but they’re in their black and white U outfits? What happnened to those colorful clothes they were wearing in some of the earlier pictures for a new MV? These clothes don’t really go with the mood of the song. I’d expect a lot more colors. Why is SM so cheap?!?

  8. WTF happened to thier clothes budget O.o

    Looking forward to the MV (the background is colorful)

    I think we’d all willingly donate clothes for them. XD

  9. open to give donations to your charity.

  10. Candychu:
    I wouldn’t mind AS much if they wore their silk shirts that they wore in “U”, but these outfits have GOT to go =.=

    I want an MV for “The Moment” too!

    Thank you XD

    I know, SM spends way more money on other groups =.=

    Alex Ryom:
    Hahahaha XD

    “Hidden scissors”? XD!!!! Donghae’s hair SERIOUSLY need to be chopped off though :(

    Yea but lots of groups film several MVs in a row, and they get to change their outfits :(

    I want COLOUR :D! You know, SNSD got like 233989273652 different outfits when they were promoting their album, and SJ-M’s got like, two O____O

    Haha, I want to donate my clothes to them, except they’d only be able to fit Ryeowook…and maybe Donghae XDD

    I really should start this charity, hey. And I’ll give all the money to the boys when I go stalk them :P

  11. i totally agree with you pinkandsparkly!!! n’ Iheartmeowing’s ” I’ll give all the money to the boys when I go stalk them :P ” LMAO!!! That was funny!!

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