Posted by: lovediaries | September 6, 2008

080904 M!Countdown Ranking

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

I watched this last night and it’s now subbed.

If you wached all their other countdown videos and loved it then you will most definitely love this one. Especially OnKey lovers. Or lovers of the boys in general XD.

Best parts would be Minho doing a catwalk and OnKey fainting and them dancing to pajama party :)

Okay, that’s all from me for today.



  1. “do we take off the pajama?” hahaha!

  2. Key, is hilarious. I love him :D
    And Onew and his muscle.
    This countdown was great :)

  3. iheartmeowing
    They’re so cute ^___^

    Lol Onew’s muscle was cute :D He..actually did have muscle!

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