Posted by: beckery | September 7, 2008

080907 500th Inkigayo Special Stages

I’m sure everyone already knows that today’s Inki is going to be jampacked with heaps of awesome special stages, as well as Supy’s goodbye performance and the showing of DBSK’s 4th album teaser video. So we’ll compile up all the performances in this post and edit them as we find them on youtube ok XD And we’ll be back to edit it in our thoughts later.

Wonder Boys Stage which includes SeungRi, Shindong, Sungmin, Taemin and Jo Kwon (2AM) performing “Girls Generation” and “So Hot”. Havent watched it but I’m sure this will be very interesting.

Pinkandsparkly: Ok I just watched this; IT WAS HILARIOUS XDDDDDDDDDDD. Really. First I have to say: OMG, HOW MUCH WEIGHT DID SHINDONG LOSE????? HE’S SO SKINNY NOW. I had trouble recognising him, actually XD Sungmin’s hair was weird, it looked like my hair when I was four :P But the boys got REAAALLY into the dances, especially Jo Kwon XD! Was a bit weird seeing them do the Wondergirls “So Hot” dance……but…the crack was awesome XD

Candychu: I find “Girls Generation” really annoying, sorry, but I did enjoy “So Hot”. It was pure crack. Serious. Whatever diet Shindong has been following, I would like to know. And someone please tell me Sungmin’s hair was a wig. Because it was still short in their recent PJ party performance. Taemin is cute as always. And I enjoyed watching Jo Kwon the most. Why? BECAUSE HE IS SO QUEER ♥ !!!! He looked so comfortable doing the dance he even forgot to hold up the mic to his mouth at one point XD *sighs* I need to follow 2am more closely. Also, I found it random how they threw Seungri in. Idk why that is random but it just is – to me. He can actually act pretty feminine (Coffee Prince parody anyone? XD) but he seemed slightly awkward in this. That might just be me, though.

Beckery: The other two has probably said it all, but WOW Shindong looks amazing. I would love to know his secret on how to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. This special stage was awesome. And did anyone else think Taemin look like a girl when he did the hair flicking thing during “So Hot”? haha

DBSK’s 4th Album Teaser Errr T_T I’d just like to say, dont expect too much because I was heaps disappointed. No new footage of the MV or new photos. No new songs. Yea, see for yourself!

Pinkandsparkly: Bleeeeh. Disappointed ;____; It basically just had footage from their previous concerts, with Korean captions which, I’d assume, said stuff like “DBSK are coming back”, “Korea’s Top Group”, etc.

SNSD performing Shinhwa’s TOP Would someone else like to watch it and tell me how it goes, because I’m abit iffy at seeing the girls perform this song. Not that I’m being hating but TOP is like the ultimate (and Erics favourite) Shinhwa song, and I rather preserve the image of the boys performing the song….

Beckery: OMG ERIC RAPPED!!! I’ll be honest and say I only watched it cuz I read that Eric did the rap. Lol I probably sound like a broken recorder but man I LOVE HIS RAPPING VOICE!! And especially in TOP when he says “Wat cha gonna do”, it is just oooozing with manliness <333 Anyways, before SNSD fans kill me, I will admit they did a good job. I know its lipsynched, but Shinhwa doesnt always perform this live anyways, so I’m not going to bash them about it. But their dancing was great and its such a nice change to see them all wearing pants and in black. They look very sleek and pretty. There were some points where they actually reminded me of SES O_O

FT Island After LoveCandychu: The violin playing at the beginning … *o*. Hongki still has his black nail polish and is still looking as bad ass as ever. And what is Jaejin wearing? Cause at the start I thought he was wearing an open shirt *grabby hands* and it got me excited LOL. Also, is it just me or did Wonbin look different? Minhwan too. Jonghun looked super emo strumming away on his guitar XD. This song is really growing on me .. I need their album :P

SHINee Love like OxygenCandychu: TIE + Jonghyun’s collarbone + tugging at shirt = incoherency *___* Taemin and Minho are wearing the most ugliest pants EVER (Minho has too many different patterns on his outfit – did he get a haircut?) and Onew is a dalmatian but I’ll forgive them because they’re my favourite jailbait. So really, Jonghyun and Key have the best outfits. Jonghyun should dress like that more often (like in their reality show with the noona from the US) because it makes me happy :) Still waiting for sexy suspenders though…AND OMG DID ONEWS VOICE CRACK? AHAHA I was thinking “I would so laugh if his voice cracked during his gonna be with you by myside” AND IT DID!!! Unless it was just the sound quality XD But still funny!

Big Bang – No No No Smoking Campaign

Candychu: Omg I freaking love this Campaign. This No No No is very BB style. Seungri is a really creepy nurse and like Daesung, I too would be very scared XD. It would be awesome if they come out with a “No No No” CD and have all the tracks and make them into full songs. I would seriously buy it XD. I think I still like SJH’s the best (which was also SHINee’s lol) XD. Hang on, how many different versions do they have?

Beckery: HAHAHA TOP and GD looked like they were doing illegal business dealings in the beginning. The whole dark room and little light effect XDDD And SEUNGRI IS SOOOO CUTE HERE!!! I liked their campaign song. But isnt it different to Epik High and SJ’s?

Sun Ye (WG) and Jo Kwon (2AM) – This Song

Candychu: wow this duet was truly impressive <3 I loved the original but I think I prefer the duet over the 2am version. Sunye did very well despite singing so low lol but her voice is gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing like this before and she sounds really good with Jo Kwon. She ad libs very well too :) I’d say it was a wonderful performance. Jo Kwon really should stick to ballads XD

Kara and Hyori – U Go Girl


  1. the TOP perf is ok. i think eric rapped it a bit and modified it a bit for them.

  2. I think SNSD’s TOP perf was decent but of course people who don’t like them would say otherwise without giving them a chance. lol. I pity the girls, them working their butts off to prove and redeem themselves but still a lot of people shrug that off and just label them as “sluts” or “plastics”.

    Wonderboys perf.. Taemin and Sungmin! ROFL! Shindong ily!

    SHINee’s LLO- new outfits! 0_0 they look so shiny. Onew, you dork. He seems to make it a habit to crack with one of their performances. lol jk. Though I’m thinking, what if Jonghyun will crack? nah.. :)

  3. I’ve been waiting for the SNSD’s TOP performance actually, ‘cos I was curious to see whether they could pull it off, but honestly, they did okay. It was lipsynched but Shinhwa did too in the past, right xP? Yeah, Eric recorded a modified rap for them.

  4. if you don’t like ses’s top then your probably not going to like snsd version either. eric rapped which was cool but i wish he was actually there. the performance was lipsynced but the dance was beastly. you actually get to hear hyoyeon’s voice for once……..its deeeeeeeeeeeep. they dressed in all black. sooyoung is so freaking skinny. seohyun has amazing hair. there that’s the performance.

  5. wonder boys are so awesome lol
    remember shindong has some diet dance show or something? i dont’ remember exactly, but that’s prob how he lost the weight..
    jokwon never fails to amuse me! he seems like a quiet leader of a ballad group, but he’s so funny when he dances =D
    …taemin’s body wave! rofl, i think he did almost resemble a girl, he was the skinniest too.

    snsd’s perf was pretty decent imo but it was strange seeing them wearing all black and dancing such manly moves.
    compared to like..kissing you or baby baby perfs xP

    i believe big bang’s is the 9th version of the no no no song!
    it seems like they just changed the melody but kept the lyrics? not sure.

  6. Yes, Onew’s voice cracked XD

  7. What happened to Shindong?!? Lol, I almost thought he was a girl when he first appeared. Sungmin looked like Angel from Rent the movie if anyone watched that xD.

    Taemin and Minho’s pants are so ugly, and Minho’s shirt just clashes with his pants. Jonghyun’s loose and a-bit-opened shirt with the tie was really sexy :).

    I loved the BB’s No No No campaign. TOP makes a hot doctor and Seungri a cute nurse :D.

  8. potensvita
    Hi there stranger =P haha..Yea their performance was alright. Loved Erics rapping and how he changed the words to Girls Generation.

    I dont hate them, I dont like them, but I’ll say their performance was ok XD It was a fresh change from their usual image with the whole black/masculine concept and although it was lipsynched, they did sing it pretty well. Their dance was good and yea decent performance.

    Wonderboys was definitely my favourite special stage. But how awesome would it be if Heechul was part of it lol. And I didnt watch SHINee’s performance lol, but did hear candychu talk about it. And I’m sure Jonghyun will never crack in their performances. The boys too awesome <3

    When I first read about it, I thought it was kind off random and I just didnt think they would suit with TOP, since it is very masculine based. I was also wondering who would be doing Eric’s rap part, because I love his rapping in TOP. And I was really surprised to hear Eric himself, not only rapping it, but modifying it to “Girls Generation” too <33 And yea it was decent, and their dancing was alright. And I dont really think the lipsynching thing is such a big issue given the boys dont really perform it live all the time anyways.

    Your wonderful for giving me a low down on the performance XD I havent actually heard SES’s version and I think SNSD did a ok job. And I agree! Erics rapping is the bomb, but if only he would show his gorgeous face, then I’d be even happier. And that the dance was good, but I’m so use to seeing 6 on the stage and the “boys” doing the last pose (my favourite bit haha), so it was weird seeing the stage so crowded lol. And I loved hyoyeon’s hat, it twas very hot.

    Oooh I remember reading about that diet dance show thing, but wow if he really did lose all that weight due to that then I’m flying off to Korea straight away. I wouldnt mind losing a couple of kilos lol. I still need to learn my 2AM and 2PM boys. Atm I dont even know all their names and faces hahaha.

    Yea, SNSD did do like a 360 change from their usual image, but Ithought it was a really nice to see them all in black and wearing PANTS. Lol I dont know Korean so I have no idea whether BB changed their lyrics, but the song is 9th version already? lol I didnt know that

    Lol yea, I think Candychu realised that it was his voice cracking haha…poor thing

    Shindong caught me by surprise. I didnt expect him to lose that much weight. And nope, never seen that movie haha. Is it good? And I thought Seungri was the cutesttttt thing ever! I loved how he came out with that HUGE needle, his expression pawns <333

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