Posted by: beckery | September 7, 2008

Dongwan Cool Music Magazine Scans

Credits to Baidu

WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT SEXY MAN!! <33333 Tell me you dont think he looks sexy and I’ll tell you to get an eye check hahahha..Cuz seriously, I am drooling/nosebleeding everywhere!! Look at the eyeliner, look at those eyes, look at that expression and look at that chest!!!! *fans self* All these photos are really realy nice and I love the ones with him holding the microphone. So darn hot. I want the magazine!! Cough Pinkandsparkly cough….And to think, we’ll only be getting about a month of his awesomeness before he gets shipped off to the army T_T *clings onto his pants*

More under the cut..


    damn dongwan, WORK that eyeliner & that unbuttoned shirt *________*

  2. Thank you beckery but do you really have to remind me AGAIN OF THE MILITARY THING!!! T_T

    Is it true that he’s leaving before Eric does??? Coz I read this somewhere last Saturday and I cried like crazy and I totally forgot that I was wearing liquid NON WATERPROOF eyeliner…. so uh, yeah. o.o

  3. ^ i read that he’s enlisting by the end of september ;___________;

  4. roz
    *jumps around with you and chucks lollies at you*
    Hahaha I feel so loved XDD And yea, these photos are HOT RIGHT?!?! I saw the cover photo like 3 days ago and just stared at it cuz he is sooo damn sexy. But no one had scanned the rest yet, so I had to wait all this time to finally see the rest and omg they’re sooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeee…..

    Its not like *I* want to keep thinking about the army thing, but nowadays whenever I see/read/hear mention of the boys, my mind automatically zooms into the fact that Eric and Dongwan are leaving soon =(((((( I DONT WANT TO EITHER BUT I CANT HELP MYSELF *pouts*

    And yes, I did read that he’ll leave before Eric, probably after his concert at the end of this month. However, theres no official enlistment date so I’m just going to ignore that I ever read anything about it….Eric is enough, RicWan both leaving will kill me I tell you, KILL ME!

  5. uh, i only saw the cover at biz..

    *fans self* n saves

  6. Kapan
    Same! I was desperately waiting for someone to upload the rest of the photos and finally I found them. They’re gorgeous <3

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