Posted by: potensvita | September 7, 2008

It is so much a TEASER that it is unbearable.

TenjoChiki is back and coming to you with a ‘HERE’ single at October 22.

I was just randomly surfing youtube, cheking for updates on users I kept tag of. Laughs. Talk about no life. But anyway, I found this awesome vid that was proven such a teaser that I wish Oct 22 will come soon.

What had made me felt so unbearable?

Because this clip has a small preview of HERE PV and then, a footage of them performing Stand Up People and Here. There was a short interview with them too.

Now, don’t you just wish you understand Japanese?

credit : estelgrace @ youtube

If anyone ask me, (LOL. I doubt whether they want any unprofessional opinion) they should bring out the girls singing talent. I remembered that TohoShinki wasn’t that popular until they release their Begin single in Japan. They should produce a song that portray the ballad aspect of them. laughs. A good sight that I see in the clip was the fans lining up for them. I know the girls are talented but somehow, I felt that they are marketed in a wrong way. Their strengths lie in singing dance songs and BALLADs. Almost all their Japanese singles are dance tracks. HERE might be a bit towards the ballad one but it isn’t as heavy as Begin or Love in the Ice or Lovin U by Tohoshinki.


I could just ramble on nonstop and it won’t change anything. The ramble might be not worth reading too.



  1. haha i wish i understood japanese too, i saw a version of this korean subbed but that didn’t help..
    i can’t wait for this single xD
    did you hear, they’re having PVs for both Here and Near (the other song on the single), yayy

    i agree with your paragraph on ballads, but i heard in japan, tenjochiki is listed as a hip hop group x.x’
    so they’ve only released mostly dance songs and mid-tempo r&b like Dear Friend..
    csjh and tenjochiki have somewhat different images, which is kind of strange i think.

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