Posted by: beckery | September 8, 2008

070809 Suju H’s Mini Concert

Lol I didnt even know they had a Mini Concert until I saw the pictures today. Kangin wasnt there though, which kinda killed the whole meaning behind it, cuz he IS a SJH member =_=…

BUT, Guess who was guest MC??!?! DONGHAEEEEEEE!! And guess what I saw? EUNHAE!!!♥♥♥ About time! Omg, I was severely lacking some Eunhae love here and I’m sure Candychu agrees with me. I think Donghae got a haircut? It looks a bit shorter, still quite long though…

I couldnt find any group shots, but I’ll put individual photos under the cut and of course feast your eyes on some Eunhae love XDD

Pictures credit to SJmarket; Soompi; as tagged



    How I love my OTP. EUNHAE <333

    p.s It is super adorable that Hae is the MC cause he’s not exactly a fantastic public speaker…or speaker in general LOL (I mean, he is pretty quiet when he’s not being a dork).

  2. did donghae cut his hair a little!?
    well he is awesomely hot no matter what.

  3. C
    I KNEW YOU WOULD BE REALLY HAPPY!!! Cuz I was XDDDDD Haha I’m sure they just made him MC so fans could have their dose of Eunhae. lol

    Yea, I think he did cut his hair a bit. It looks shorter, but its still a bit long lol. Of course, he is our sexy fishy afterall XD

  4. dong hae sure is gorgeous plus with the eunhae stunt ^_____^
    eunhae saranghae~~~

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