Posted by: lovediaries | September 9, 2008

DBSK A Love Story – Lovin You

{credit: ichigo2luv @ youtube]

I thought Chamiko was with Yoochun ;___; Chamiko is now cheating on him with Yunho lol.

BUT YUNHO IS MARRIED??? LOL. Chamiko’s voice continues to make me laugh. Oh, just imagine Changmin’s face while acting as a girl XD Omg lol poor Chamiko is all “….could it be Jaejuko?” ROFLMAO!!!!

It’s no surprise who it turns out to be XD Omg Junko’s voice AHAHAHA.


  1. Ohmygod. Bigeast Station really does exist to make me happy. I always feel soooo awkward listening to these, but can’t help laughing like a mad woman.

    “Jaejuko would have been better.”

    HAHAHAHA! Good lord these boys.


  2. ROFL @ that last line. xDD

    And OMG, Junsu’s voice sounds like a smoking ahjumma O__o’

  3. theselooselips
    Lol the stories themselves are rather cringe-worthy but its nice to see the boys fooling about XD

    Alex Ryom
    AHA the last line was classic XD ROFL smoking ahjumma?? LOL!

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