Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 9, 2008

JaeJoong’s “Comeback” Gifts

“Hey! JJ” A Chinese Jaejoong fanclub, decided to buy JJ presents to celebrate DBSK’s comeback.

You know what I want for my birthday next year? Rich fans. Seriously. LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF. And it’s not even his birthday =________= Why does he get COMEBACK presents. I mean, it’s a nice gesture and all, but =_______________________=|||. I won’t say anything more cos the fans there always take really good HQ pictures at the concerts XDDD

I’ll put the pictures under the cut (there are too many)

Click on any picture to enlarge

A model of the Beijing “Water cube” used for the swimming races during the olympics. The model is made of blue crystal and is a limited edition collector’s item (only 80,000 made).

Cell phone strap

An expensive bracelet made from an expensive mineral (XDDD I fail)

Silver and leather necklace

Snake-board? I think it’s like a skateboard….but different?

I think we’ve all played with these ^___^ Omg I was so much fail at them XDDD

Interesting beanie….

The clothes they bought him, wrapped up with special paper.

The unwrapped clothes?


One more thing: My friend’s friend was shopping and walked passed Junsu. But completely ignored him and kept walking. WHO DOES THAT?!


  1. OHMYGOD! Not fair about the Junsu part. I totally just exploded thinking about it. I mean, I would probably want to play it cool and not bother him, just because who wants to be psycho fan #3451098341 ? To be honest though, I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything out of pure shock. I would just freeze and stare at the spot I had passed him for like, the next three hours. Haha. (P.S. : Your friend’s friend? Which one of you is in Korea… or Japan… or any other asian country they’ve been in?)

    As far as the presents… some of these are things I wouldn’t really give someone I didn’t know that well. How do they know he can “snake-board” or even wants one? The jewelry was really nice though, I can definitely see him wearing it. As well as the beanie. Whatever fan bought that for him did a good job. But the clothes? That’s a little too weird for me. And how do they know what size? (given, they can probably find his exact measurements online somewhere… creeeeppppeeeerrrr…)

    Anyway, thanks for the post. Your are always fun to read ;)


  2. YOUR FRIEND. WHY DOES HE/SHE FAIL SO MUCH? lol. its nice of your friend to ignore him actually. he probably appreciated the gesture, since your friend obviously knows who he is to mention that to you, so junsu prolly saw the recognition in his/her eyes and was ready to go into Avoid Fan mode. but didn’t have to. yay for your friend~!

    i predict Jaejoong is going to keep the beanie and fingerboards maybe ( can’t you just imagine him giggling at it, showing it to yunho? LOL) ah, snakeboard. now he can practice and beat yunho. XD the one that they already have, whose is it? yunho or jaejoong? yunho right?

    thanks for putting these up!

  3. I’m so much fail. Can’t be bothered to sign in. A snakeboard is one of those cool “skateboard-like” things, but for some reason, you don’t really have to “push off,” like as long as you move and balance on the board, it’ll move. Pretty cool, but for some uncoordinated lutz like me, it’s utter fail.

    The gifts aren’t THAT bad. At least there weren’t any electronics this time around!

  4. uh..its a waveboard. which he already owns actually.

  5. ah snakeboard XD~ omg! i so failed at trying to move with this thing *drop* my cousin kept on laughing at me while trying ^^” (same goes to the fingerskateboard xD )
    the beanie.. looks like i’ve already seen him wearing something like this Oo i love it <3

  6. :O Your friend just WALKED PAST Junsu?!?!

    I agree that he’ll probably make most useful the waveboard and the beanie. I tried moving on one of those boards once and completely failed. That crystal water cube looks really pretty. Did any other members get gifts?

  7. … Does your friend know who Junsu is? Hahaha, I bet she might have looked at who he is, then probably didn’t want to bother him?! Omoo..

  8. Walked past Junsu? D: I would’ve like, attacked him and be like, “WHERE’S JAEJOONG?!?!!” xDD
    And I thought the snake board thing was called a swivel board… it’s like a skateboard only you stay in the same place. Really expensive here in the States for no reason. =.=”
    Hmm, some of them I wouldn’t give … but yes, I want rich fans too. @___@ FREE CLOTHES.<3

  9. Theselooselips/Annie:
    Hahaha, I was just sitting there going “OMGYOU’REKIDDINGME” when my friend told me the story. I reckon I’d get all shy and hide behind a tree or something if I see him XDDD I’m cool.

    Lol, I think you got me mixed up with Spazzes? I wasn’t talking about her (although she saw Junsu, too!) I have a Korean friend from uni ^^

    Hahahah, the Korean fans give the boys underwear. I know, wth, right? XDD

    HAHAHA, I KNOW. I don’t personally know her (she’s a friend of a friend) otherwise I would’ve slapped her or something XD

    I have no idea who has what O_O

    Its those wiggly things, right? I think I’ve seen people use them here…I’d probably run into a pole if I tried XD

    They own too much stuff. All I know is that Junsu has a Gucci necklace that I really want.

    Ooo, you tried one? Did you fall? XDDD I would’ve, haha.

    I don’t think any other boys got gifts…..but this particular fanclub is super! rich. Like, rich enough to give SM entertainers 300 towels for the Shanghai SM concert O_O

    No, she’s just a really special (read:unusual) person XD


    And we can pick up some rich fans along the way :P

  10. Yes XD~ My cousin used to ride it so I wanted to try it but i think I just looked like someone who’s playing with a hullahoop ^^” i just couldn’t move with the board ^^” So I went up to a ‘hill’ and drove down XD you don’t want to know what happened *looool*

  11. Can I just say that I’m really glad someone actually comes back and reads my replies? XDDD It encourages me to reply more, cos we (the imop authors) always feel like we’re talking to walls, cos no one ever reads our replies :(

    ANYWAY, at least you rode it and finished in ONE PIECE. I’d be in the hospital with all my limbs in some kind of sling :P

  12. hahah XD~ Why not commenting back? >< it’s fun XD~
    But I know what you mean ^^’ But I think they just get to read it cause there’s no such thing like email notification here in wordpress XD (or at least ME haven’t seen it yet ^^”)

    Jups.. And I’m pretty sure that i’ll NEVER EVER ride it again ^^ *lol*

  13. Lol, I’m glad you think that way :D

    It annoys me that WordPress doesn’t do email notification :((( I like that feature, it’s my favourite thing about LJ XD.

    I used to roller-skate, but…..I really sucked XD

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