Posted by: lovediaries | September 9, 2008

SHINee + Supy Fancam

I almost didn’t post for TWO days and we can’t have that happening, now can we? *shot*

Onew + Taemin on SGB – GAH. Why is Onew so cute? He just sits there doing nothing in particular and yet he still makes me smile ^___^ It’s just him and Taemin cause the other 3 were on Star King (which I doubt I’ll ever get to watch since SBS is…being annoying T_T) IDK why the others arent here ;__;. They’re on a row with Teuk + Hyuk and wearing traditional clothing!! So cute <33

Taemin gets up to do “So Hot” and then he drags Onew down who completely sucks XDD The really sexy part where they swing their hips and stuff? Yeah that lol. He looked so awkward XD But it gave me something to laugh at hehe.

And I loved when Taemin leaned back and Onew patted his face *squish*. Looks like Minho is the one left out.

Donghae dancing with Supy – WE ALL KNOW EUNHAE MAKES ME HAPPY ♥♥ I LOLed at one of the comments on youtube saying that Donghae has been in China for so long he doesn’t even know the Pajama Party dance XD Pretty disappointing, Hae. LOL only kidding. I’m glad he failed because Hyuk was so kind and loving saying “Here, do this.” and “Here, stand here.” “*beams*”. Gosh I love this couple. *happy squeal*

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