Posted by: beckery | September 10, 2008

080908 Big Bang on Sukira

Credits to pocketfulofsmiles @ youtube

Performing Haru Haru

Daesung was missing, probably busy with his musical? Lol they spent like half the time adjusting their mics. All their mics were really quiet, except TOP’s and since his voice is pretty loud, he kinda overpowered all of them hahaha XDD.

Big Bang’s Noraebang corner. Performing Roora’s “3!4!” and some song. GD is hilarious throughout the “3!4!” performance. The “Kwon Ji Yong” cheer and his dancing there is really cute. Its so funny how TOP is like frozen in his spot, whilst the others are bouncing around XDDDD I also read in the comments that “on the show, they were talking and they mention that SeungRi and EunHyukie are quite close, they often text messaged each other.” Awww how cute is that!

Phototime Firstly, I LOVE the background songs. Its Zia’s “I Love You, I’m Sorry”, “I Only See You” (ft TOP) and “Blank”. (Her album is a must try for ballad lovers like myself. Its really good!) Secondly, Super Bang/Big Junior’s (hahahaha) interaction is soooo cute. I think I saw Seungri and Hyuk hold hands at 21seconds XDD And Teuk is joking around with TOP. Ohh and GD’s Light saber is soooo cool! I want one!! ITS PINK!!


  1. AWWWWW WHY WASN’T DAESUNG IN “Haru Haru?!” [here] He’s like the best part of the entire song. Just kidding, they pulled it off pretty well without him. I like GD’s adlibbing his part for awhile. LOL. I actually like radio performances MORE than their lives (does anyone else thing Haru Haru’s dance is really awkward?) because it kinda shows a more “natural” approach rather than all the “stage acting” that they do for lives. I always get this (wrong) image that TOP is this gangsta guy, but to see him just be totally still while rapping kinda destroys that (in a good way!). Good live, good live…

  2. nanshi
    Lol I’m not too particular about whether its a radio performance or stage performance, as long as its live. Though I agree that they’re more natural (and goofy haha) in radio performances. Plus, sometimes they sing songs that they dont sing on stage. For example, Big Bang sang “Lady” at one of their radio appearances and I’ve always wanted to watch them sing it live. Its one of my favourite songs on their mini album XD. At first, TOP sorta scared me. He does sorta give out a gangster vibe haha. But we all know his a softie inside <33

  3. “Its so funny how TOP is like frozen in his spot, whilst the others are bouncing around XDDDD”
    lol i was laughing at TOP throughout the entire performance. not only did he not move around, he didn’t even move his hands! he is so funny! i wonder if he does that during recordings too!

  4. Beckery: Seriously, right? Like all the BB members say that he has the “youngest inner age” and I’m like, “….noooooooooooooooooooo.” I totally don’t see it. I see how he’s a softie, but I don’t see how he’s goofy and immature and cracky. LOL. Then again, I’m used to SuJu’s “cracky” and no one can be as cracky as Heechul. Ever.

  5. itsplayingonrepeat
    Lol. He was frozen on the spot. Its so weird cuz normally when rappers rap, they have the whole hip hop hand movements where they bop their hands etc. But TOP raps like a frozen statue. No hand movements. No head body moving. XDDDD

    I agree. He’s very stone faced sometimes. So, its hard to imagine him being immature, being the goofy one, being the one that does stupid stuff haha..I can so imagine Daesung or Seungri doing dorky stuff, but I cant for TOP.

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