Posted by: beckery | September 10, 2008

DBSK Lotte Duty Free Pamphlet Photoshoot

I’m spamming I know, but these photos are nice and I’m bored lol.

Credits to DNBN; as tagged

Yunho is looking gorgeous here ♥_♥. He is totally rocking that hair and black suit. The white trim of the suit makes it look really classy. Changmin and Junsu looks handsome, like always. Boys in suits are just too hard to rest haha. I love Jae’s pose in the 2nd suit photo. He has his hands in his pockets and it just looks really sexy hahaha. I’ll refrain from commenting on Yoochun’s hair, but doesnt he look so much better with a hat or beanie on (in the other photos)?! And ROFL at the photo of them molesting Jae’s chest, he looks like his totally enjoying it though XDDDD


  1. Yunho’s jaw is so sexy!!! -drools-

    why why WHY do hairstylists always pick on Yoochun to experiment on?!?!
    My poor boy hasn’t had a good hairstyle in ages!!

    And yes, he’ll look better with a beanie! Lol.

    I wonder what he thinks about his hair…

  2. ohh so this is for Lotte photoshoot..
    the rumor said it was for their 4th album photoshoot
    agree with!!hjae looks really enjoying i..
    can see yoochun’s right eye at pic no1

  3. i mean i can’t see hehehe

  4. so i am not sure.. but for some reason i can’t see any of the pictures… ??? is it my computer or the post oooorrr something else? ahh i’m so confused. i really want to see the pictures though!! i can already feel that the dbsk pictures are super hot and sexy.. cuz they ARE super hot and sexy! hahaha :)

  5. ilovedbsk
    Thanks for the heads up. Imageshack was playing up on me. Its all fixed now. Enjoy! And yup, they look super hot and sexy *_*

  6. diana
    Yunho is so sexy here. Full stop. I seriously couldnt stop staring at him. He looks so handsome in the suit <33

    You gotta wonder whether Yoochun actually likes to be experimented on or not. I mean, if he is REALLY against the whole hair style then I’m sure they cant really make him….can they? =SSS I wouldnt mind knowing what he thinks too lol.

    Haha I’m assuming you saw that at soompi? I read that at soompi too, but then I found out it was for the Lotte photoshoot XD LOL Yea you cant really see Yoochun’s eye, because of the stupids hair weird side bang. Makes you kinda wanna chop it off, doesnt it?

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