Posted by: beckery | September 10, 2008

Lee Bul – Forever MV (Subbed)

Credits to ktinsj @ youtube

I like the song. Its nothing spectacular, but its a nice ballad and I really like the chorus parts. His voice is decent and for some reason, it really reminds me of Hwanhee’s (FTTS) voice. Maybe because its so deep. I cant really see his face properly, but he looks alright from what I can see.

The only complaint is WHERE IS SHINDONG?!?!!? I dont see him anywhere in the MV. I dont see Sasha either. The only guy I see is Dongwan (who is looking mighty sexy), which is weird cuz I’m pretty sure I saw Shindong and Sasha in the teaser. Maybe there’s going to be a Part 2? Better be cuz I wanted to see Shindong holding the flower!!

Candychu: I posted this at the same time as Beckery so I’ve just edited my post into this :)

Awww, I like this song <333 Yay for ballad singers ^^. And good thing we get to see his face (he has Yoochun’s “O” hair XD) cause I thought he would be one of those artists who hide until he has to perform or something. Some are saying he was a bit OTT with his dramatic lipsynching though XD

Watching the MV gave me goosebumps lol. Everyone in the MV looked so gorgeous! The girls especially look really pretty in white and they all have nice hair.

But um, I must be blind because I didn’t see Shindong either. Or Sasha.

Is there going to be a second part?


  1. OMG ROFL I JUST POSTED THIS. Damn you beat me by 2 minutes. I’ll edit what I wrote into this then XD

  2. i think theyre is a 2nd part cause 1. why would shindong be in the teaser if he wasnt in the mv and 2. didnt it say in the news it wasnt going to be released until the 14th or something close to that?

  3. Hi :)
    I think you gave the credit to the wrong person.
    The real subber is from here:

  4. ^Thanks for letting us know!

  5. C
    I’m too fast for ya =PP

    Yea, there probably is 2 parts cuz they cant just have Shindong in the teaser and not even have scene of him in the actual MV. I’m not sure about the 14th thing. All I heard was that the MV would be released on the 10th, which is today. lol. Thanks for informing us anyways XD

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