Posted by: lovediaries | September 10, 2008

SHINee – CLRIDE.n Photo Shooting

{credit: randy1997 @ youtube}

I love videos off Arirang :D

Jonghyun looks really handsome ♥ and lol Taemin looks like the female model actually. Why so pretty? XD.

Okay…have I watched this before? Because I swear I’ve seen some of this footage before :S Omg I’m suffering from memory loss now. Except some of the stuff, I haven’t seen before; like at 2.14 when Key poked his tongue out. Soo cute :P and smiley!Minho makes me happy :D

LMAO I think Taemin’s dog was just walking through the place XD Well it looked like Eve and someone commented “their dog” so I’ll assume it was Taemin’s dog. LOL.


  1. Ddlkhgcxz I like it when they do the.. “news” in English. Frankly, subs kind of annoy me after a while, which only motivates me more to learn Korean faster. >:|!! Why do they do it in English, btw?

    So this is the photoshoot where that smily!Taemin picture came from :D!! ♥ It looked kind of an embarrassed smile, which is even more adorable. Asldkfj♥

    LOL They say “aircon.” We said it like that in the Philippines too, and then we moved here to the US where everyone called it the AC or air conditioner and people looked at me funny when I called it the “aircon.” :( /random

    I don’t see Taemin’s dog. ;_; I’m blind.

  2. etherenia
    Arirang is the “english” channel? I guess lol. Like before with SJ’s monologues or whatever they were called, they all had english subs :)

    Haha we call it aircon here in Australia too.

    Lol really? But the dog was just walking past XD

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