Posted by: lovediaries | September 10, 2008

SHINee looking snazzy in black

They were at some event & a fansigning meeting and wearing black; even though I’m sick of the colour (despite me being emo /wrist .. nah jks :P) they look really really good :DD

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Minho has the crazy patterns again. They’re not that crazy but he’s got stripes on his button up + t-shirt and they give me a headache XD OVERLOAD OF LINES. I wish he only wore the black shirt underneath; that would have been perfect. As for Jonghyun, I wish he took the one off underneath and have an open chest. The other 3 look fine the way they are :) I actually like Onew’s top lol…which is the same as Key’s XD

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More under the cut :D

p.s I’m pretty sure that’s a pen Jonghyun is holding and not a cigarette XD But how cute are his pouty lips? He has a tendency to do that. A lot :P


  1. Hahas, they look so cute :D SHINee hwaiting!

  2. Jonghyun looks so cute in the last two ^w^ That camwhore was so totally posing xD He also does the fishy face a lot :]

  3. I. Absolutely. Love. Onew’s. SMILE!!!
    He looks like a dork sometimes, but that’s why I love him so much :D
    And Key looks so cute in that first photo.
    Lol @ Jonghyun’s blowfish face. Reminds me of Jungmin.

  4. Nuragerl
    Yeah theyre always wearing a smile on their faces ^___^

    Alex Ryom
    Haha it’s so cute :)

    ME TOO. I agree, I think he’s the biggest dork despite being the oldest XD

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