Posted by: lovediaries | September 11, 2008

BoA America

I have no idea where potensvita is atm, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind me posting this up ^^

Check out BoA’s website for her debut in the States. IT IS SO AWESOME. The letters go crazy and…yeah, it’s just really cool :) She has a myspace + facebook account too :D I have neither so I won’t be going on them lol.

In case some of you haven’t yet seen these trailers for her single “Eat You Up” … American version | Korean version (Korean version is better as many people have already pointed out lol).

Here’s some info taken from the site on her song.

1. Eat You Up Produced by Bloodshy&Avant

Anticipated U.S Debut Single, ‘Eat You Up’
Born and Assimilated only for BoA, ‘Eat You Up’
Booming Energy stirred by Reverse Beat Dance Track
‘Eat You Up’!, the single that will break the news of BoA’s name in all over the U.S
‘Eat You Up’ was chosen as the finest track for BoA after reviewing thousands of songs.
Produced by Bloodshy & Avant, this song is a Reverse Beat Dance Track that stirrs Booming Energy, harmonizing BoA’s incredible feminine voice to its fullest and creating a really cool cantrast to the agressive beat.
Also BoA’s superior dance and artistic sense create perfect harmoy with the music, presenting an impression as if the song is born for BoA.
Above all, America’s rap icon, Flo-Rida, who has a hit single, ‘Low’, which was the number one song in Billboard Single Chart for 10 consecutive weeks from January, 2008, is to feature for the remix version of ‘Eat You Up’.


I have to say, though, I’m pretty impressed. I was hoping it would just be a rumour but now that things are actually happening, I’m really excited. I hope BoA does well in the States! ^^

Anyway, were you guys aware of the “SMOnline” account on youtube?!?!?!


  1. Hm, I wonder why the American version is so toned down. Maybe so she won’t appear overhyped? Catchy song though.^^ As Ryeowook would say, she looks fierce!

    As great as it sounds to have Korean artists come to the US, I’m strangely pessimistic about it. Maybe it’s because of where I live, but I’m worried that people will take one look at her (or Se7en) and go Where’s my fried rice? or something just as obnoxious. I don’t want them to come over here and be a joke, you know? American comedians * will * jump on them.

  2. I am really really REALLY not looking forward to her debut here…
    I don’t want her image to be corrupted by the media, and smashed on by people like Perez Hilton.
    I love her toooo much.
    I’m also really not wanting my friends here (who make fun of me for loving asian musicians) to all of the sudden become her “#1 fan!”
    I love BoA.
    I really hope it works out amazingly, and that no one will make fun of her/smash on her.

  3. I’m happy for her, you know I like the idea of being able to turn on my tv and see her there on MTV and the likes but being a celebrity in the states is hard and like the other commentors said, I’m afraid of how people, particularly the media will respond to this. I’m still rooting for her though. BoA fighting!

    Coincidentally, I was actually listening to Eat You Up on Youtube when I saw this post! At first, I didn’t like the song but it’s definitely growing on me. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Going to check her out on Facebook now. No myspace for me.

  4. blehh. I wrote a post about her too. Not looking forward to it. Another one of my drafts (not posts) is about how I don’t think Asian stars will ever succeed in the music market over here in the West. It’s not that I’m racist; I’m just realistic.

  5. “I eat you up” XDDDDDD

    I do hope her success, but I’m still iffy about the whole thing. Especially the song o_o The beat of the song is good but its really nothing new. I understand though. Cuz she’s new so its better to stick with mainstream stuff. But the words are weird. Can you imagine Australians or Americans walking around singing “I eat you up” (ROAR)! hahahaha.

    Its pretty smart of them to get Flo-Rida to do the remix, given his current popularity. I really wasnt a huge fan of “Low” though =_= But you know what would have been better? DUET WITH CHRIS BROWN! And bam, she’d fly straight to the charts hahaha..Or NeYo. Either will do. <3333

  6. La Flor
    Maybe so she won’t appear overhyped?
    Yeah, I think that’s why too. I feel the same for you though. But I’m sure BoA (and SM) will be prepared for that sort of stuff to happen. I mean, as fans, we expect it so as professionals they should too? xD

    I understand what you mean even though I’m not a diehard BoA fan. She’s like the #1 Female artist in Korea and Japan and now she’s thrown into a place where she won’t really be “shielded”, I guess. I do hope she is successful though, just to prove to all those (non fans) who doubted her hahaha.

    I agree! She’s so famous in Asia, I don’t want her to have to go to America where people will be like “And what is so great about her…?” sort of thing :( But ah well, guess we’ll have to see what happens.

    Really? I can’t help but get a little excited at the thought of her kinda “debuting” again lol.

    Lol you’re still finding “I eat you up” hilarious, aren’t you? XD

  7. Its just a teaser, but i really love it!
    I can’t wait for the full song, its really catchy, and i love the dance.
    Korean version, does look better, but i’m sure the English will be good.

    I can’t wait for it!
    I really hope she does well.
    She is the first Asian artist i listened to, and became my favorite quickly [and then came the boybands…XD], so i’m excited!

    The only thing that bothers me a bit..she looks way different.
    Its kind of weird..

    I can’t wait!

  8. ^I thought she looked different in the American Version when she was wearing the orange lipstick :S It was kinda…ugly lol.

    I’m hoping the American version isn’t as bad as the teaser (sorry, I really didnt like the dancing in that grey, gloomy place :S) but the Korean version is wayyyy cool :D

  9. I love it so much!!! Xd It’s so addictive and HELL
    Eat You Up!

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