Posted by: beckery | September 11, 2008

Dongwan + Younha – “Something Stupid” Perf

Credits to 2ubD @ youtube

Dongwan and Younha performed “Something Stupid”, a cover of Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams song, at Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate show. And omg its sooooooooooooo good. They both sang in english and it actually sounded really decent. No fobby engrish. Plus, their voices blended together so well! The ending was fantastic, I love their high notes ♥


  1. eventho his english not very good, but oppa always sings english songs beautifully….
    d perf is wow..i like ^_~

    aw oppa, i love you!!



    LOL sorry; I just didn’t expect Younha, my no.1 girl crush to be performing with one of my favourite Korean singers. xDD

    The performance is great, their voices match and both performed very well. Younha’s English is better than Dongwan’s, but the English is decent. =)

    They are even wearing MATCHING CLOTHES!

    *end of fangirling*


  3. and…

    Minwoo is enlisting in May 2009.


  4. Kapan
    LOL. Yea, as much as I love Dongwan, I’ve got to admit his English is not that great. I’m sure you’ve heard his “You Don’t Know Me” with Jade Valerie. I seriously couldnt figure out half the stuff he was saying XDDD But the fact that he tries and his voice is forever love makes up to it. I think his English was much better here though. And the performance was incredible.

    OMG I KNOW RIGHT! THEY MAKE AN AWESOME COUPLE! Except from the fact that Dongwan is actually mine XDDD haha

    Their voice was awesome together!! I seriously love the performance. Despite the fact that their english isnt as great as the original singers, I still loved this version more. And did you hear the last notes?! Omg it was soooo nice. They’re voice just blended so well. <333

    And yea, I did read about Minwoo’s enlistment a few days ago. T_T They’re all leaving one by one *tear* But right now, I’m more stressed about Eric and Dongwan ='((((

  5. OH MY GOD, WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS UNTIL NOW?! This makes my life! Love these two and they’re singing one of my favorite songs <3!!!!!! They sound really good; I just love the harmonization. Thank you for posting~!

  6. spazzes
    Hi there stranger =P I havent seen you around here for ages, well commenting on *my* posts that is haha.

    OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE SEEN THIS UNTIL NOW!!! You must now worship the ground I walk on, for posting this. Just kidding lol. I really like this song too! As a matter of fact, I can still remember the MV for it hahaha. Dongwan and Younha did an awesome job at it and I wished they would do another duet before Dongwan leaves for the army. Actually, I heard that Younha might be a guest at his concert? That would be fantastic, no? XD

  7. HI BECKERY <3!

    (I’m sorry argh. I’ve been rather discombobulated since coming home and school is rather like being run over by a truck, so … yeah XD.)

    That would be fantastic if Younha were a guest at his concert! Younha’s got such a lovely voice … I want to hear her duet with everyone lol.

  8. YES YES they’d make a great couple xDD. And the harmonization is really niceee; their voices complement each other. I hope they’re gonna do another duet performance during his concert *crosses fingers*.

    About the enlistment, I’m actually concerned about Dongwan and Eric not getting any rest at all before the enlistment date; their schedules are like packed! I hope they’ll take a few days of rest before that day. =X

  9. spazzes
    HIIIII *waves* Its ok, I completely understand. I was only kidding with you lol. I did read some of the reaccounts of your trip and I AM SO JEALOUS! You sounded like you had a magnificent time and of course, who wouldnt XDDD I’m sure it makes up for the school load you’re bombarded with now haha.

    I think they are going to do a duet at his concerts. OMG did you hear!?!? ALL SHINHWA MEMBERS WILL BE THERE AT DONGWANS CONCERT!! I was practically weeping tears of joys when I read about that. His concert is the last event before his enlistment, which means its going to be the last time (for now) that all 6 members are on stage together! They better release a concert dvd or I’m going to be very very very angry..

    I really wished they had a rest before they enlist. However, I might sound like a bad fan for saying this, but I need Eric to release that solo album of his and I know he’ll be packed with stuff to do and might not get rest, I STILL NEED THAT ALBUM OF HIS TO BE RELEASED!

  10. YEAH I KNOW RIGHT? I was really happy that at least we’ll get to see them on the stage one last time in 4/5 years before Eric’s enlistment. I’m excited about Dongwan’s concert; I think it’s gonna be good ^^.

    LOL you’re not a bad fan, ‘cos I’m sure everyone is looking forward to Eric’s solo album. I mean, it’s his debut solo work! He’s been doing featurings in the members’ album and other artists’ that he totally should release an album on his own =).

  11. bleaghh
    Weeeeee I’m sooo excited about the concert and all these concert news are killing me. But then a part of me doesnt want it to come cuz its Dongwans last event and omg TWO YEARS WITHOUT HIM WILL KILL ME!!!!

    I think Eric could probably make 2 albums by just having all the songs his ever been featured in. I mean the guy takes part in everything!!! Dongwan’s solo album, Andy’s solo album, JunJin’s solo album, Lyn, Lee Soo Young, Yozoh’s Nostalgia and the list goes on. XD

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