Posted by: lovediaries | September 11, 2008

SHINee – Pop Club Asian Interview

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

This interview is in Thai. Even though I don’t understand, I still thought SHINee introducing themselves at the start was pretty funny. IDK, they seemed kinda awkward. *Lols at Onew just cause I feel like it* XD

The members of SHINee have been together for one year! That means they trained as a group for about 9 months before debut. Awww how cute would it have been? Like it must’ve been so awkward for them (unless they were BFFs like Key and Jonghyun with their luvo pics XD) and they all would’ve been all “DD: There’s a 14 yr old in our group????” LOL.

I love how they all pretend to understand Thai. Like when the MC asks a Q Jonghyun nods and was all “Ahhh….”

Btw, they took this interview the day after the SMTown Concert! Have you guys seen that pic of Taemin with a bleeding finger? Lol now I’m trying to see if he had an injury on his hand inthis interview…

One question was “In real life, do you like noonas?” And Jonghyun GIGGLED. LOL HE DOESNT EVEN UNDERSTAND XDD

And why am I not surprised that Minho said only his intro throughout the entire interview =.=” But his quietness has gotten many intrigued (including a school friend of mine) so his plan is working ;)

Also, you can watch their “GNTV Happy Angel” I think it’s a program/charity for young kids who go without meals. If you become someone’s angel, the warm strength will spread throughout your body – Isn’t that sweet? ^___^


  1. Ahhh.. This is something nice to come home to.. lol.. 3-4 days without SHINee, SuJu, DBSK,or LAEC for that matter is mind-boggling crazy.. :P

    So many clips to watch.. And lol, coz you mentioned about maknae’s cut i’m trying to find it too! XD

    It’s adorable how they tried to look like they really understood Thai.. And I’m glad that they are already recognized in Thailand, Japan, etc..

    Minho’s quiet charm has gotten my friend hooked on him too. And she’s like 9 years older than him.. hahaha

    I’ve read some translations of their songs and it made me love the album 9283747656363748383 more!! SHINee’s awesome! <3


    Okeh I knew that but I didn’t see the photo~!

    *onhiatusonhiatusonhiatus :S*

    Please post the photo on my LJ LOL.

  3. it’s so funny how taemin looks so excited and sits up straight everytime he speaks.
    “But his quietness has gotten many intrigued (including a school friend of mine) so his plan is working” -> lol!

  4. Lol, they watched dramas to learn the feelings! I can’t believe they’ve only been a group for a year – I thought it’d be longer than that – still I’m glad they had some time before they debuted to come together. Ooooohhh, and what are these Jonghyun and Key pictures of which you speak? I MUST SEE THEM! Do you have a link?

    I’ve got to say I’m loving the “Contemporary European Ruby”, ha! Their clothes, esp. their t-shirts are totally awesome!

    Darn that Minho, the shy thing’s got me hooked too! I’m always waiting for him to participate in something.

  5. Lol, just looking at Onew can make me smile. Even though he’s the leader, I think he looks the most innocent and playful of the group.

    I want to see the picture of Taemin’s bleeding picture! How’d that get around on the internet anyway? o.O

  6. nylenuol
    Why were you away for so long then? DD: Hehe I didn’t see his cut though xD I know! It’s so soon and they already seem really popular in Thailand. I’m so proud :)
    See, Minho is so clever!! Argh, I still need to find the translations ;__;

    GET BACK TO UR BOOKS MISSY (even though I already know you did :P)

    Haha omg I’ve noticed that too! Lol Minho is cunning xD

    Lol you’re another one who’s fallen for Minho because of his quietness :P And I must’ve saved the pic to my hard drive or something but I can’t find it right now :( If I come across it I’ll be sure to share! Sorry!

    I know! No matter what Onew is doing or how he looks like, just looking at him makes me so happy. Oh he was on stage dancing and some observant fans noticed his hand was bleeding :( I didn’t save the pic though XD

  7. Ah~ work.. it’s killing me.. lol.
    If you still want the translations I can give them to you. Uhm how? :P
    Have you watched their reality show – ep 7? It was soooo funny.
    Onew crack me up so much. lol

  8. ^Ohh icic. I forget people are more hardworking than me XD
    Emm you can email me at shinyblackrainbows[at]gmail[dot]com :D
    Thank you~!

    I might actually watch ep7 tmr morning. I really ought to do some work tonight :P

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