Posted by: lovediaries | September 11, 2008

Solbi – Do It MV Teaser

Watch it here.

I remember the first time I saw Solbi was from Jiwhaza? Has she ever been on Love Letter? Lol but anyway I didn’t have a very good impression of her because I thought “Omg what a bimbo =.=”” But after seeing her on “We Got Married”, I think she’s super cool and hot. LOL. Maybe cause she’s not super skinny and she’s curvaceous, yes?

Her song is pretty catchy but EWWWWWWW @ her make up (Lilac coloured lipstick? *shudder*). I can’t stand Solbi’s neon nail polish on “We Got Married” (maybe cause I only ever use black or dark purple LOL) and so I’m really not a fan of her make up here. Her dance moves look a tad awkward BUT I did like her in the black and white outfit.

Here’s the tracklist for her upcoming (mini?) album:

Solbi DoIt
01 Intro – Deep
02 Half
03 Do It Do It (ft Maniac)
04 Like a Star..
05 Together Whenever
06 Cute Love
07 Do It Do It (Original)

Yay for girl MVs xD

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