Posted by: lovediaries | September 12, 2008

080911 M!Countdown Ranking

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

This week is set in a classroom and Onew is wearing that black shirt I liked. I really love the way they incorporate the Song titles into their little skits. They’re electing a class president and each candidate has to come out and give a speech.

Key’s face at 0.18 omg ♥__♥ & Jonghyun is a complete DORK. But Minho’s was the BEST (his hair alskflaskf). I am sooooo voting him to be class president. And Taemin’s reaction AHAHHAA. Omg another 2Min couple XD Are they promoting homosexuality OR WHAT?

LOL their countdowns just keep getting better and better and I will never get over how deep Minho’s voice is.

The 7th ep of their Reality Show is up too so I’ll be recapping that later tonight when I come back from dinner :)

Also, a taiwan version of SHINee World will be released.

| Version A | Version B |

※ A版-閃耀流行版預購贈品︰閃耀流行資料夾

新風潮 新趨勢 新音樂
韓國預售量空前熱烈 SM夢工廠08最佳新人
SHINee 首張專輯 閃耀全世界
雙封面 雙寫真歌詞冊 內容照片完全不同
雙版本 兩種贈品「資料夾」同步開跑

※ B版-酷帥紳士版預購贈品︰酷帥紳士資料夾

新風潮 新趨勢 新音樂
韓國預售量空前熱烈 SM夢工廠08最佳新人
SHINee 首張專輯 閃耀全世界
雙封面 雙寫真歌詞冊 內容照片完全不同

These versions come with a gift! One of those folder thingies. It also has a “double” cover (assume front and back look different?), “double” set of lyrics (with translations, I guess – WOOT! I love reading Chinese translations better than English actually, so I might get this version) AND, get this, it also says the photobooklet includes pictures which are completely different.

Completely different to the ones in the Korean version or what? We shall have to wait til October to find out T_T Too bad this version still has no DVD so I shall continue to wait ;___;


  1. it also says the photobooklet includes pictures which are completely different
    Should we even be surprised if this was the case? T_T

    Alskdjf will comment again after actually watching the video. 8D

    And what other 2Min couple is there? :o

    Speaking of couples in SHINee:
    – TaeMinHo
    – JinKiBum

    LOL LOOK AT THE NAME BUDDIES 8D 8D Jonghyun doesn’t have a name buddy. XD

    /random D’:

  2. ^Well the cover is still the same and it’s not exactly repackaged which is why I’m a tad confuzzled with the “different” photobooklet :S


    Haha lol that is awesome! It’s cooler that JinKiBum are with their real names too :)

    And Jonghyun already has Key (cause we all know they secretly run off and leave Onew XD) so let Onew have the squishy name thingy with Key hahahaha


  3. ^ Huh, well. That’s definitely confusing. Lol, I’m just not gonna try to figure out marketing strategies and stuff anymore. D: Anyway.


    MINHO’S HAIR – I AGREE. I LIKE. Actually, I like all of their hair – except Taemin, where be the sexy hairrrr? ;______;

    Hahaha I never knew Onew’s voice could go so high (when he said, “That’s impossible!”) hahahaha XD And Key, ahaha flamboyance XD ♥

    Taemin was absolutely adorable at 1:22. ;___; Like that 3rd noona said from their reality show, he has a cute eye smile/laugh. Ajlskdjf :))))))

    “We have telepathy” “We exchanged thoughts earlier” ROFL WTF DYING LOL Idek what to think anymore D8

    *cough* are we allowed to be pervs here? .____.

    Wait. I didn’t mention Jonghyun. Hmmmmm. Well, all I can say is that I’m glad he wasn’t my classmate because… he’s hot. D: And would lead to me totally failing classes.


    Ah, Minho needs to have his hair like that more often. And he also needs to act more flirtatious XD HES SO ~*CHARISMATIC*~. SERIOUSLY!

    Lol Onew’s voice goes both high and low. I’ll forever love his “Yah~” from School of Rock ROFL.

    They can’t have filmed that and not expect us to think…outside the square ;))

  5. Lol, Jonghyun’s D.I.S.C.O made my day, Taemin&Minho, arhs so perfect, Onew’s ‘that’s impossible’, very amazing, just like his voice. Low&High. Key, I’m pretty sure you can keep up with your destiny/fate &become Nam Guri’s boyfriend :D

  6. ^LOL I know, that was totally dorky XD Haha Onew’s voice definitely is his charm :P

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