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Solbi’s “Do It” Album Review

Order off Yesasia here.

YesAsia’s Editorial Description

Korea’s new darling of TV variety shows, Sol B now adds the title “solo artist” to her already colorful resume! The effervescent multi-entertainer who debuted with pop trio Typhoon in 2006 saw her popularity skyrocket in recent years thanks to her lovable performance in MBC’s celebrity marriage variety show We Got Married. Her solo debut album characteristically entitled Do It sprinkles her trademark bubbly personality into the sophisticated hip-hop sound – crafted by the album’s executive producer Jung Yeon Joon, who is also a member of the popular hip-hop group Uptown. The titular song Do It Do It features the trendy rap number performed by Uptown’s recent new addition Maniac. Other tracks include the R&B ballad Byeol cheo rum (“Like a star” – Track 4), the dreamy trance sequence Deep, the mid-tempo bop Half, and Cute Love, Sol B’s theme song from We Got Married.

My short-ish review under the cut :)

01 Intro – Deep – Can you believe this? The Intro was longer than any other track on the album by about 2 minutes T_T It went for 5.30. This track would have actually been alright if it didn’t go for this long because by the end it got wayyy too repetitive and annoying.

02 Half – This song is cute with her talking and giggling at the beginning. It’s easy to listen to (all her tracks are, actually) but it doesn’t stand out too much for me.

03 Do It Do It (ft Maniac) – This was the only hip hop track in this mini album but I assumed her whole album was hip hop lol silly me. I didn’t really notice any difference between this and the Original version. The chorus is very catchy. Let’s hope it won’t be driving me insane XD.

04 Like a Star.. – I’m seriously a sucker for ballads because the beginning few notes was all it took for me to give this song a 5 out of 5 XD. I’m really impressed with this song because I never heard any of Solbi’s music from Typhoon so I didn’t really know if she could sing or not. Her voice came off pretty strong in this and it sounds so sad too ;___; I hope she films an MV for this because I need something new to cry over xD But yeah, DEFINITELY MY FAVOURITE TRACK <333 And it’s something I’ll have on repeat when I’m going through an emo phase.

05 Together Whenever – The beginning reminds me of that “Vanilla Love” XD I feel the same for this song as I did for “Half”. Upbeat, happy sort of song lol.

06 Cute Love – Aw, this is her song from We Got Married, or something? I really like the beat in this song but it doesn’t completely overpower her voice which is a good thing. She sounds sweet and in love ^^ Very cute without a boppy tune is the best way I can think of describing it.

07 Do It Do It (Original) – Ditto what I said about track 3.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth a listen :)


  1. I really do like the sounds like an actual song to me..

    Like a just..ah so good!
    I didn’t know her voice was like this.
    You get to really hear voice.
    Its really powerful.
    My favorite song.

    Cute Love is my second favorite song.
    Because….well i don’t know.
    When you listen to it..[Well when i listen to it]
    I want a boyfriend really bad…T_T

    Its sweet.

    Do it Do it..
    I don’t love it right now, but i’m sure i’ll starting humming to it randomly soon..
    (I also love the rap in the song.)

    Solbi surprised me.

  2. ^*Hi5* Cute Love is the only other song ranked 5 out of 5 stars :D It’s such a sweet/soft ballad and yes I WANT A BOYFRIEND TOO ;_____; Especially from watching the SHINee show, I want to be pampered and loved :(

    But yeah, Solbi surprised me too XD

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