Posted by: beckery | September 13, 2008

080825 Come2Play ~ Old Idols Special Subbed

Credit: godlove3494’s clubbox for the video, yonnie for the subs and yonnieyonnie @ youtube for uploading

Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

OMG ITS SUBBED!!!! I’ve been waiting for this to be subbed for yonks now. Its definitely a not-to-be-missed episode, especially for old school kpop lovers. Just by looking at the guest list, makes me extremely happy. Dongwan (Shinhwa), Eugene (SES), Eun Ji Won (Sechskies), Moon Hee Jun (HOT), Ock Ju Hyun (FinKL) and Son Ho Young (G.O.D).

Everyone knows my undying love for Dongwan already so I’ll spare you the details haha, but I LOVE EUGENE TOO!! She’s definitely my favourite SES member. Her drama, “Save the Last Dance For Me” is one of my favourite Kdrama ever. Everyone knows HOT of course and I’ll be honest and say my favourite HOT member is Kangta, but Hee Jun is awesome aswell. As for G.O.D, I actually only know Son Ho Young. But boy is this man hot XD haha. I’m actually not too familiar with Sechskies or FinKL (except that Hyori was a member), but hey secrets and stories are always worth watching XDDD


  1. *off topic*

    candice has a black out so she wont be getting back online

  2. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for this!!!!!

  3. katherinekwokhk
    LOL thanks for letting us know XD

    its ok its ok its ok its ok its ok XDDD hahaha.Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. oh thanks i went to watch it after reading that its up here too! can’t wait for the next ep and it really does make you wish that you had known all these bands back then (though i was like 5 -.-) and also makes you think about what will happen to all these popular groups in the future!

  5. sindy
    Lol I would have been 9! I dont know all the old school kpop bands back then, except for Shinhwa of course (because I love these guys to death!!), but I really look up to them all. They practically pioneered the way for this generation of Kpop bands and really deserve more credit and love <33

    I actually just finished watching this like 10 minutes ago and I must say, it was awesome. Although I didnt know half the people they were talking about, it was still hilarious to listen about their little antidotes and secrets haha..And yea, it gets you wondering about what this generation kpop bands will turn out like..

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