Posted by: beckery | September 13, 2008

Every1 Idol Show – We Are Meeting Cut

Credits to wondersmurf (aka coolsmurf) @ youtube

Aww the boys go on dates with KARA girls XDD hahaha..Anyways, I havent seen it yet but will be back to edit later. Judging from the comments, it looks really funny though!

candychu: I LOVE JOO, so I just wanted to spazz a bit over her. She gets to go on a date with Sungmin and maybe because the last thing I saw of Sungmin was him dancing to Girls Generation/So Hot, I had to keep tearing my eyes away from the subs and look at his face to make sure this really was Sungmin. He is really quite manly and not shy at all. Like, he told Joo to call him oppa and would engage in physical contact every now and then but it would be done naturally and he just made me squeeeeal happily. I never considered Sungmin (my type of) boyfriend material but I’m changing my mind now. He really knows how to interact with girls without being overly flirtatious and he’s just smiley throughout. Sungmin <333

I’ll let beckery do the rest; though she might not be too happy seeing Hyuk on a date. He’s extremely awkward though so that’s okay XD

Beckery: Despite being king of aegeyo, I always knew Sungmin had it in him. But wow, I’m surprised at how SMOOTH he actually is! The cute Sungmin is of course adorable, but this Sungmin is very very attractive <3 The other boys should learn a thing or two from this guy right here. I was really surprised at the part where Joo complained that it was sunny and Sungmin goes “My baby just said its sunny”. And how he goes all the flowers will die compared to her XD Move over Romeo, we have Sungmin in the house lol. Oh and Joo is sooooo adorable!!

Yes, I’m seething of jealousy atm. The whole gripping shirt with white knuckles and clenching teeth type. I want to go on a date with Hyuk too!!!! *tear*…… But its ok, I’ll forgive him this time cuz he’s infinitely adorable here lol. So his date is with So Young and right from the beginning, it had the word “awkward” written all over it HAHAHAHA. They had heaps of “……” moments and tried ending it with “weather talk” which was just as bad lol. Then his lame joke at the end was hilarious!!! OMG what a dork. They go “the place is so pretty to take photos” and his like “yea be a model” and she’s all “XDDD Yeah I kind of..” and then he goes “No..I mean me” ROFLMAO! The expression pawns I tell you. OMG I LOVE YOU HYUKJAE!

Shindong and Seung Yeon is next. And can I say again, how awestruck I am with the weight his lost o_o Anyways, they have a cute little picnic and are really natural together XD But ROFL at his picnic food. Its sooo typical of him lol. And how cute are they when they’re feeding eachother <333 I really like Seung Yeon. She seems like a really nice person. I was thinking if I was sitting there eating at Shindong, I’d probably spit food all over his face, cuz his hair is so funny haha. Im such a nice fan arent I?

Then its Dongmin and Ji Eung. And they have a picnic aswell. Dongmin is sooo funny preparing wine glasses wrapped in newspaper and all hahaha. Then he declares he bought steak but then they cant find the steak. All he bought were vegetables and he goes that the “ants ate them all” HAHAHAHA Ji Eung is really nice about it too. They’re soo cute together <3

Teuk doesnt get to be coupled with anyone HAHA and him and the other MC look so lonely standing there by themselves. They’re even given these dolls as replacement as their dates and one of the doll is a guy LOL.

Then its Hara and Yesung. Poor Yesung prepared her a lunchbox but when she opens it she goes she detests the food =((( Then Teuk and the MC drops by to disturb them and steals the food lol. What a bad hyung! But omg the next part is soo funny. Teuk drops his “partner” and is all “Strawberry! Strawberry!” and cuddles it lol. What a loser. XDDD But I feel so bad for Yesung. He doesnt even get to go on a proper date without being distrubed! There there bb, next time <3


  1. ooooohhhh….sungmin!!!!

  2. The dates actually went just as I expected. Sungmin, being so feminish, knows *exactly* what girls want. Dangerous…{8X Eunhyuk can be manly too, just not when girls are around. Shindong is friendly with everyone and anyone. He’ll always be the same goofy teddy bear no matter how skinny he gets.^^(I adore that kid, for real) Yesung is accidental fail again, but with extra help from Teuk who has no one to play with when Kangin is gone.

  3. Ajlskdjf I have a Sungmin bias~ gah, I’m so jealous of Joo! XD But I kind of enjoy seeing Sungmin with girls because he’s more manly lol. He looks really good here too… his outfit and hair and everything. Ahhh, I’m still jealous of Joo, but I like her. ^___^ She’s really cute~ and I like her laugh…. she kind of looks like one of those people who are just really friendly. :D


    Ahaha, I don’t really like Shindong’s hair all that much either. I also like Seung Yeon :D

    I don’t know who Dongmin is, but he’s adorable. XD <3

    Poor, poor Yesung. XD

    LOL @ Eeteuk and the other MC too. Ahh, it was really weird hearing Eeteuk laugh… I used to his laugh being more high-pitched. o__o

  4. ^Lol Dongmin was one of the MCs for Unbelievable Outing. Did you ever watch that show? He was hilarious XD

  5. I never did. Lol I fail. :((((
    School’s always in the way. XD

  6. love sungmin
    Sungmin is sooo attractive here.XD

    Haha Sungmin is such a lady’s man. He has some really smooth moves up his sleeve XD Hyukjae is soo cute, I wanted to ask him to marry me. Shindong is cuddly like always. And LOL at your “Yesung is accidental fail” HAHAHA thats so true. The poor kid. And his hyung even made it worst for him.

    Sungmin was really awesome here. I love how he’s all “call me oppa” and “my baby” and gosh SOOOO SWEET!!! I would have melted into a puddle of goo in his hands if he did that to me.

    Lol you dont have to say sorry. Me being the huge Hyukjae lover still ROFLed at Hyukjae the whole time. It was so awkward I was cringing, but thats why I love him so much. His so innocent and naive it pawns! I think Seung Yeon is really really nice. Shindong and her are so cute together and feeding eachother. Haha all in all, this clip was hilarious. Now we know how much some of them suck at hooking up XDDDD

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