Posted by: lovediaries | September 13, 2008

Hyori feat SHINee on Mnet – Mr Big 110908

Okay, it doesn’t really feature SHINee but that’s what the video said. SHINee have just finished their Love Like Oxygen performance and so they stay on the stage while Hyori comes down the stairs. SHE HELD TAEMINS HAND!!! LOL.

I started off watching this video of SHINee (mainly Key, really) dancing to Mr Big backstage so I decided to watch the actual performance. Click under the video to watch in HQ. Gosh, the song is catchy lol. I like the colours Hyori’s wearing – purple, black and gold. Her hair was blowing around the entire time so she must’ve had some pretty strong fans in front of her lol. I really like all the hip movement in the choreography – very sexy :)

Oh and FT Island appear at the very end because it was like Haru Haru vs. After Love (THE MV IS SO SAD, MY GOODNESS). It was pretty cool seeing them on stage with SHINee XD Jailbait overdose!!!. Jaejin is so gorgeous *________* I can’t decide if he’s pretty or hot LOL. Jonghun still has ug hair though T___T He seriously looks like he’s in That 70s Show or something XD

Oh and that artist in the white dress who later stands next to Hyori, what’s her name? I remember seeing her on Love Letter (I think) and thought she was very pretty.


  1. OMG Ashton Kutcher in That 70’s Show!

    I think you just perfectly described his hair. Jong Hun is my favourite but the ugly hair doesn’t help (I’m so fickle, I think the initial reason I liked him was because I liked his hair the most).

  2. ^I used to love That 70’s Show lol woot ~
    Haha so shallow XD I always choose favourites according to talent and personality so they could shave their head and it would still be alright LOL

  3. LOL, I totally love Jong Hun’s personality now so it’d be okay if he did shave his head, but good hair does help.

    I still love That 70’s Show, it’s one of the few sitcoms I actually think are funny.

  4. ^Haha omg I would laugh so hard if he next appears with a bald look XD

    I don’t not love the show anymore but I’ve stopped watching it. It’s not on telly anymore is it?

    I was in love with Fez lol but when Jackie got with Hyde I was like even if you give me 10 Fez’s I will not enjoy this as much. Jackie got too annoying. Oh and when Donna went blonde :S That was weird. But I love Topher Grace :)

  5. Yeh, it stopped airing but I rewatch it from time to time. I never really liked Hyde though, Kelso and Fez were my absolute favourite characters.

  6. ^You know, it took me ages to realise that everytime they were in a circle, they were high on mary-joanna.

  7. LOL! srs?

    IDK, I thought it was pretty obvious sometimes, I mean the circle conversations are the ones that lead to nowhere.

  8. ^The circle conversations are the best. I always wondered why the room would be so smoky XDD

  9. HAHAHA, I love the last sentence, well, I always thought they were high on something so I went on wikipedia to check.

  10. Ooh they had it up on wikipedia? Well it’s not my fault I was innocent and naive and didnt think of drug related issues (:o

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