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SHINee Reality Show Ep7

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This noona was a Korean Representative for rhythmic gymnastics and dreams to be a great actor :)

SHINee arrive at the set and browse around. I’m surprised Minho was the one that discovered the noona because I expected him to sit and watch the others XD but his reaction was so cute – he ran to the members haaa. “Don’t put that scene in.” It’s so cute cause then they all continue to play and the voiceover is like “Kids concentrate” LOL!!! But POOR NOONA. SHE GOT STUCK!!!!! Anyways, she wants SHINee to act out “The King and the Clown” (omg I loved it when DBSK did it XD). Onew is the director and Taemin the cameraman. Onew tells the noona to walk faster and Key (still with his mic XD) in his interview says “It was like he was abusing her. That’s why he doesn’t get picked.” Awww, well I like a man with a bit of control xP

So Minho is the King and JongKey are the clowns (!!!) and they start dancing to Love Like Oxygen LOL. But Onew is the funniest omg. I had a coughing fit watching him. I love when the Noona approached Key and she’s like the atmosphere went strange. LMAO @ Onew’s reaction “This isn’t in the script…” And yes, Key, you were prettier than the noona :P

They switch roles next and omg it’s still JongKey XDD Taemin has a little fit and wants to be the director and Onew goes “It was really cute. I just wanted to give it to him.” Oh no, Taemin is becoming spoilt :PP Key is such a good Noksu lol. He’s really creepy, actually.

Then they move to the next location with the Noona crawling back into those carriage thingies (don’t know the english term :P) and she hit her head. Evil Key just starts cracking up. I think Onew should’ve helped instead of Taemin but he’s still so cute only saying she was a little heavy.

This time they film “Damo”. Omg I feel so sorry for the noona, she keeps embarrassing herself (but in a cute way). She was coming down the stairs and couldn’t take out her sword and fell on her butt lol. Director Minho is all “They don’t listen, they are reckless.” ROFL. They keep making NGs except it’s hard to be flying down stairs and stabbing at each other. Isn’t it dangerous? But wow, Minho is such a good leader. Like, when he’s put in a position to direct and guide others, he takes the job very seriously. GOOD WORK MINHO <3

LOL ~*CHARISMA TOFU*~ AHAHAHA. But Onew is looking very good this ep. Apart from his constant tripping down the stairs, he’s doing well with his pulling out sword and swishing at opponents.

They change again and do a remix version. Key is the director while “his son” plays the main lead. I can’t believe they’re actually referring to Taemin as his son. That is so cute. Poor Onew fell on his butt this time and came down a few steps. But Key’s idea was very good, letting them do whatever they want. He’s so full of ideas lol and he says the ratings would probably go up if he was the director :PP

They film the next scene and it’s Onew and the Noona – “Are you hurting? I am hurting too” Key’s reaction totally ruined it for me omg. Onew was really manly doing his lines *swoon*. Jongkey go and play with the camera (TOLD U THEY’RE CAMERAWHORES!) and say the director is weird. Don’t listen to them Minho, you were GREAT :D I love Key’s face when Minho calls Standby AHAHA. Minho looks really hot when he’s sitting with the megaphone on his shoulder *________*

Taemin is so funny how he’s like “Onew hyung is always smlling and when he was serious I couldn’t stop laughing.” AWW THAT NOONA IS SO LUCKY D:

Key comes back as director next and changes the script a bit. Taemin is so casual with “Are you hurting? I am too, see *holds out hand*” LOL. Then Key scolds him and he actually hits him OMG HAHAHAHA. (My baby sister is asleep next to me atm and I am trying hard not to laugh too loudly!!) “I was getting tired so I started acting like a bad boy.” LOL TAEMIN XD

Then it’s Minhos turn!!! Key is so touched he looks like he’s gonna weep. But I think Minho found it awkward so he made an NG.

Omg wow they actually did manage to film something O_O They play it right at the very end. Ooooooh lala. I can’t believe they managed to produce something like that considering the amount of fooling around they were doing XD I loved the end omg Key is such a drama queen.

I CANT WAIT TIL NXT WEEK! Looks like competition is going to be very VERY tough between Minho and Onew. And Minho at 8.11 omg.

So you guys, who do you reckon will get chosen next week????????


  1. Let me just say, I love it when Minho does stuff. He’s too awesome to get ignored like he usually is. My (nonexistent) money is on him to get picked.

    I think doing The King and the Clown and/or Coffee Prince is a Kpop right of passage along with crossdressing. Still, Key as the jealous queen was spot on. It’s interesting how the noona this time is more awkward than Shinee.^^ They’re so comfy now that they don’t pay attention to the noonas anymore. Lol Charisma Tofu was definitely less fail this time. If you can get him to stop smiling for a few seconds, Onew has a better flaming charisma face than Minho. Key is ridiculous as usual, and I love how Taemin says exactly what he’s thinking during the comments. It’s hilarious!

    I’ll stop now. Onew is vanilla tofu <3 but Minho fighting! \^o^/

  2. haha, i think minho will get chosen! not because he talks more but cos he oozes charisma when he’s acting. heck! he even oozes charisma when he’s just standing there! haha :D he did really well this week :D this noona is so much better than the noona from hell last week. haha. SHINee Hwaiting!

    & I love your website! Visit it everyday (: Hwaiting, girls!

  3. laflor501
    Lol the thing is even though I secretly want Onew to get chosen this week (not much of a secret anymore XD) I have a niggling feeling it’ll be Minho’s week. I mean, if Onew doesn’t get picked thats okay because he is still the leader LOL but if Minho doesn’t get picked itll be like …. idk *awkward awkward*. Not really LOL but I WILL MAKE IT AWKWARD XDDD

    If you can get him to stop smiling for a few seconds, Onew has a better flaming charisma face than Minho.
    AGREE! I actually thought that too while watching. Maybe cause Minho has his charismatic face on as much as Onew is smiling so tha when Onew is actually being charismatic it’s like WHOA, impressive ;O

    Lol And yes I love Taemin for being able to say whatever. He’s just so honest ^___^

    Thanks for the encouragement hehe ♥♥
    I think itll be Minho’s turn too lol. Both him and Onew are definitely stepping up their game. I just hope the last one picked doesnt get too sad :(((

  4. Minho will so get picked … he spoke so much D:
    And ROFL @ Key at the end. xDD
    And wow, Minho looks so … hot [lack of a better term] playing soccer in the next episode. O___o’ Coming out of his shell?

  5. ^I KNOW How good did Minho look at the end omg *____* Like with his hand in the air and one finger sticking up omg I was just like ALSDJASLKDJASLKDJ GAH.

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