Posted by: lovediaries | September 14, 2008

SMTown Concert in Shanghai

::EDIT:: SHINee +DBSK pics from Baidu

I’m too scared to go on Soompi atm but I’ll be back to edit in more links later.

| DBSK (i), (ii) | Hyuksu + Chun | Super Junior | Hankyung gifs | SJM | SHINee (i), (ii), (iii) | Zhang Li Yin |

DBSK ARE ALL SO TANNED *O* And Changmin omg I really want to grope his arms LOL I’m sorry for sounding like such a freak. And I’m loving the HyukSu. It makes me so happy!! The JunsuxYesung is cute…Junsu is so saying “Hey you get out. I want my Hyuk” XD Quite a few DBSK dancing pics ie sweaty chest pictures :DD

Also in one of the SHINee links, there’s this one photo where all of SMTown are sitting up on the steps with a few SNSD girls running towards them and like one guy. I’m hoping that isn’t Henry all by his lonesome self. It doesn’t look like his hair anyway XD /edit

A lot of photos are repeats lol so I’ve tried linking only to those that aren’t in the other links…if that makes sense XD And I feel sooooooo sorry for SJM. They’re all in long sleeves T_T

I’m loving everyone’s hair though :DD Except I think Donghae only got a trim =.=” I would’ve loved to see a whole new hairstyle on him lol but that’s okay. I’m glad SJM got to perform (everyones seen the HanchulxZhouMi love, right?). Except in every pic Henry was in, he was always standing alone ;______; Which got me thinking….who exactly does Henry “play” with from SM? I mean, sure there’s SJM, but they go back to the other SJ members and since Zhou Mi is closer to their age, he can hang with them. Henry would probably fit best with SHINee except I haven’t seen any SHINee pics yet. Unless you count the one where Jonghyun was standing with a few of the DBSK members. So yeah, I’mfeeling a little sad for Henry lol.

Lots of skin exposure on the night *grabby hands*. I’m loving the pic of Hankyung’s chest. I wasn’t aware of him revealing his chest, so that caught me by surprise – I almost fell off my chair XD. Oh and even though Siwon isn’t wearing any open shirts, you can still see his sexy body. His pecs, my goodness. Is it just me or are they really high up? LOL. I mean, his shirt is only opened by a bit and you can see how defined his muscles are.

Fancams (I only watch short ones less than 1 minute lol so if something terribly exciting happens in the longer ones, do tell me :D)

Hankyung’s Dance Battle – OMG OMG OMG I DIED. So much hip thrusting *O* And I soo badly wanted him to undo that one button…AND HE DID.

Junsu & Stephanie Dance battle – This would’ve been 10x hotter if they danced with each other. But hot, nonetheless XD.

Show me Your Love – There’s bound to be DBSJ love. Well, I’d assume so anyway.

Love in the Ice – I’m sure it was a wonderful performance. Gosh, I need this to be broadcasted.


Purple Line

Scars Deeper than Love

One more Try

Entertainment News Online – It showed CSJH, Kyuhyun singing Just for One Day, SHINee and SNSD.


  1. First it was Siwon’s butt. Now it’s Siwon’s pecs?!?!?!?!? Oh the things you notice candy, the things you notice….

    I’m glad you do. *giggles*

  2. ^LOL well I’m sure God created Siwon for girls to perve on appreciate ;)

  3. I don’t feel like reading everything right now..I’m lazy..XD
    So i’ll do that later.

    BUT, i have to comment on Love In The Ice..
    Amazing song.
    Amazing live.

    Ah, i seriously love watching them sing this, more then listening them sing this.
    I even forgive Yoochun & Junsu for their hair!
    Seriously, Junsu owns this song, his voice stands out so much.

    They sing it so sad..T_T

    Most of the time, when they do the crossover songs(which they don’t do often), i only like one of them Purple Line=Korean version, O=Japanese version, Day Moon=Japanese, One=Korean.

    ANYWAY, i think i’m going to love both versions.

    I’m not so lazy anymore..oh well.

  4. In the pictures I saw with Henry, he seemed to be alone. I think it’s the language barriers. He could hang out with Zhoumi, but now with HanMiChul, Henry’s has no one. Poor kid =[ Everyone had pretty nice hair, especially Zhoumi and Donghae.

    I was really happy to see that SJM performed Love Song and Me. The dances for them are sooo cute!

  5. Ah! Speaking of the Me performance, the MV is finally out! This is really cute and can make you really happy lol. I love their colorful outfits, especially Henry in the red hoodie and jeans. They’re all really energetic and carefree. The only thing that confuses me is why they switch outfits. They look so much better in casual-wear :D.

  6. Forgot link xD

  7. Because, i know you guys rarely check TalkShare, i’ll post it here..XD

    I uploaded it on youtube. ^^

  8. Siwon Siwon Siwon!! Lol..Pecs Pecs Pecs!!!

    Are there clearer versions of the concert cause most of the fan cam that I’ve seen are blur and fuzzy.

    I really shouldn’t be complaining..

    but but but…

    DBSK does such brilliant live performances!! and SJ too!!

  9. ImJustKeed’In
    Thanks for the SJM clip :D

    I agree with what you said about only liking one version. Though more often than not, it’s the Korean version I like. Except for Purple line :P

    I really wanna see SJM perform in HQ ;____;
    I hope Henry had fun being a loner at the SM Concert cause it would’ve been his first “big” one :D

    Thanks for the link ^____^

    None that I’ve located, sorry :(
    SM is seriously stupid for not selling a DVD =.=”

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