Posted by: potensvita | September 15, 2008

16 minutes in BoA’s shoes

Ever had those dreams that you want to stand in front of the crowd and sing your soul out?

Ever want to face those thousands of glow sticks and ballons waving back at you?

Ever want to cry when you have done performing?

I had never doubt that most of you guys have always wondered about it. But lets just press the rewind button and talk about the preparation that one must do before all that. I had just recently found a 16 plus minutes clip on BoA. You could never know how excited I am when it is the clip about her preparing for Eat You Up MV. haha.

Though, the music doesnt flow my way, but I am still so much infatuated with her, that I am glad for her. So far, she is the one despite the other pioneers like Se7en and Rain that had already made an MV.

As for whether it will be a success, I don’t know.

The good thing is ….. she can speak fluent english!

Crunchyroll link

credit: ayamefan13 @ crunchyroll.

edit : and it involved a guy. laughs. they were both so shy. ^^


  1. Is it weird that I thought that BoA was really old? LOL. Like the same age as Hyori old. O________O

    I don’t even know why.

    Anways I’m like so happy for her even if I’m not a super big fan of hers. I hope she does well. And she was like so adorable throughout haha.

  2. ^I used to think BoA was in Hyori’s age too. Also not sure why. Maybe someone refered to her as a sunbae and I got confused. Lol Since when is Hyori really old? Go watch Mr. Big!^^

    I’m starting to feel more optimistic about her US debut, possibly b/c I like her song more now. It’s stuck in my head. She also appears to be fluent in English. I expected her to be good, but not fluent. Those dance moves are pretty hot.
    Do you think this will affect Se7en’s debut plans? I still want to see him, but if they debut too close together, he might get written off.

  3. that’s not fluent english. perhaps ‘okay’ for a foreigner, though as asian music listerners we have gained tolerance for accents. her accent will be still noticeable by most americans.

  4. BoA’s mv was tacky and cheap just like her.

  5. well … do you think that by saying that, i would change my mind?
    why is it that you would bother to even type about someone that you think is cheap?

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