Posted by: beckery | September 15, 2008

Suju M – Me MV

Thanks to abc123zyx for the heads up and ImJustKeed’In for uploading and linking us. Chucks chocolates at both of you <333

Video credits to Lessons4You aka ImJustKeed’In

Awwww this song really makes me all smileys and the boys make me even more happier!! The dance choreo is full of them jumping and bopping and bouncing and its so jdkajfldjkdjflj cute that it makes my brain explode! Especially at their “its going to be ME *jump*” hahaha. And look at them play air guitars at the beginning!! *squeals*

Um, so the whole thing is about them finding big, colourful, block letters at like the most random places (in the elevator? lol) and then putting it together to form “Super Junior M” hhaha XDDDD. The whole concept is so simple, that I actually find it really really really cute and sweet. Everyone looks absolutely gorgeous here ♥_♥ Hate the reuse of “U” clothes. They should have just stuck with their colourful clothes cuz it suits mucho better with the theme. Their energetic states have influenced me and now I’m all bouncy XDDD Lol gotta love them <3

Oh and Candychu says “Henry looks super adorable with his “O”” haha. I think Hankyung is super cute with his “S” too XDD


  1. EVERYONE IS SUPER ADORABLE WITH THEIR EVERYTHING lol everyone kinda struggled with their letters (did ryeowook DRIVE?) except horse siwon. coz he’s badass like that. XD

    oh man the couples at the end, wtf was donghae even DOING while ryeowook was singing? ahahahahaa~ and their shoulder-boinking-move=thing. TOO CUTE.

    yeah, the promo clothes spoiled it. maybe it was supposed to be the first single? but it got changed? because to me the only ratinonale for the clothes was to familiarize people with them. like assigning “personalities” to a boyband makes it easier for people to remember which is which at first instance.

    *spazzes over the ‘A’ on Hangeng’s shirt*

    A IS FOR AVIEYAL hahahaha

  2. lollers? what what what?! was Henry wearing eyeliner?! ZOMG. it’s okay. boys+eyeliner=win, if you ask me. Well, as long as it’s the right boys (Junsu+eyeliner=<3333).

    SO CUTE! It’s such a cheery and happy and cute song and I like how it was just so random and the MV was soo simple, but it was just all fluffy and cute and fun… *sigh*. Definitely puts a smile on my face.

  3. and PS: Who’s the person that was helping Ryeowook and the mini cooper and the “U”?! Donghae?

  4. OMG this was really cute :D don’t like the reuse clothing, but the rest of the MV was just adorable. I like the more colourful clothes they were wearing they should have used it throughout the MV. haha Henry & his letter “O” … yay KyuRy moments don’t get to see those that often

    Nanshi – Donghae was the one helping Ryeowook in the mini cooper and Avieyal, Donghae drove the car.

  5. avieyal
    The concept of the MV is so cute and the boys struggling and playing with those hugeee block letters is even cuter XDDD Everything was so colourful, and bang they were wearing their “U” clothes which killed it all T_T Ohwell, the boys made it all up cuz they PAWN! The couple parts were sooo adorable….Actually, everything was so adorable haha.

    ROFL at your “A IS FOR AVIEYAL”! Your so cute XD

    Ohh was he? I didnt even realise it haha. I was too busy squealing at how cute everything was. I got all bouncy and happy and smiley afterwards. The concept is so simple, no tear jerking storyline, no dark scenes. Everything was just very HAPPY XDDD

    And I agree, boy and eyeliners are in atm <3

    Agreed! We’ll just turn a blind eyes to the clothes and go spastic over the MV and the boys XD Ohh was that Hae driving? Haha I couldnt tell most of them apart. Gosh I fail =_=

  6. *squeals* this mv is <3333333333333333
    The boys all look so cute and playful!!!
    And omgsh…*drools* Kyu’s so cutee…
    Actually they all are!!!
    And playful Hae!!! I’ve missed seeing him being that playful and such~

    And and…SIWON and his J!!!!!

    The HQ version is out if anyone’s interested =P

  7. lil_aqua_chic
    Lol. Im glad you liked it. I was soooo happy with it. Its such a simple but cute MV. Made me smile like crazy afterwards. They were all like little kids XDDD

    Yea, I saw the HQ version at youtube. Thanks!

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