Posted by: beckery | September 16, 2008

080915 New Generation Star Trot Battle

Woooooww so many hot and awesome performances.

Me being ever so biased. Hyesung’s trot Performance. The song is sooo familiar but I cant seem to come up with a name. I think Suju has performed this song before? Its called “Two Lane Bridge”. Sungie is so sexy wearing a mask XDDDD At first I was wondering why his version sounded like a ballad more than a trot song haha, but then half way thru he goes trot style and OMG this guy is brilliant. In all honesty, it still doesnt sound very trot-ish to me, but his voice is absolute love. Though, does anyone else find the dance awkward? Hahaha and Sungie is out of breathe XDDDD

Wonder Girls Cha-Lang Cha-Lang. They all look so gorgeous! The song is very cute and bubbly XD And the best thing is they look like they’re enjoying it very much. I think the girls did a great job and the genre is different to what they normally do so big claps for them!

SS501 trot performance. Wow I havent been following these guys for ages. OMG look at that hip squiggle/wiggle at 28secs. *_* Its sooo sexy! Actually, theres heaps of hip and butt wriggles and body rolls in the performance <333. Lol I love how they say “sha bang sha bang”. They all kinda dragggg it out and moans it and its just veryy sexy lol…Hyung Joong’s “sexy ah~~” is so cute. They all look great too!

Big Bang’s Cha Cha Cha and Look at me Gwisoon perf. HAHAHAHA OMG these guys are hilarious with their voices and deliberate movements. And how cute are they in the sparkly suits XDDD Seung Ri’s voice at the beginning cracked me up so much. LOL it really sounds like an old trot singer! Tae Yang too haha. Gosh, they’re so much crack <3

Then Daesung comes out and his “Ha ha ha” pawns all!!! LOL OMG what a dork! Daesung does trot really really well O_O I’m totally impressed. I’ve always loved him singing but wow, he suits trot really well. He has the right facial expressions, body movements and everything! <333 Then he imitates TaeYangs dance and omg this guy is a pure entertainer. I would say I enjoyed his performance the most. And the crowd sure looks like they’re enjoying it too!


  1. i love this perf so much. i actually cried due to excessive laughter. LOL.
    daesung is born to be a trot singer, right? HAHAHA

    love love the clothes and the hair, OMG! :p soo TROT!

    laughed my head off with the dance steps.. so CUTE. and i died when he did the ‘look only at me dance’. gaaahhh. <3

  2. I was waiting for this.^^ Hyesung’s perf was good but not trotty I agree. Wondergirls looked and sounded great. It still kind of freaks me out how grown Sohee looks. Yoobin is a decent singer too.
    Yes SS501 was full of body waves. They’re cool like that. Lol Jungmin’s voice cracked at the start. I hear they’re releasing an album this October! Happy tears! they’re my #1.
    Big Bang had me laughing like a maniac. The greasiness at the start was one thing, but Daesung is too much. The facial expressions, the random (but well done) Taeyang dance break, what? XD

  3. gelatin
    XDD Hahaha the performance was great. I was laughing at all their voice changes and just how random they all were. Daesung is defintely a trot singer in the make haha and the sudden break in the middle was weird at first. I was wondering what was happening and then he imitated Taeyang’s dance and i was like ROFLMAO!

    Omg I was thinking that too when I saw Sohee. She looks so grown up with the hairdo and the dress on o_o

    And oohh SS501 is your fav group? I didnt know that. I always assumed it was Suju or DBSK or SHINee or umm everyone? Hahaha XDDD I heard Jungmin’s voice crack and I was laughing my ass off rofl. What a dorkface! And yea I heard about their album too. Big competition with BigBang and DBSK.

    I LOVE DAESUNG’s FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!!! Hahah they totally pawned. Its soooo much crack and I dont know, its just so funny.

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