Posted by: beckery | September 16, 2008

280808 Every1 Idol Show Ep 8. Feat 2AM

Credits to sok663 @ youtube

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

This episode has so much crack. I laughed so much my ribs hurt rofl.

Normally, they have girl bands as guests, but this time they had 2AM, which made the boys really disappointed. Such typical boys =_=….. LOL at Hyuk wanting to ditch Suju and join 2AM instead. And how cute was Sungmin slowly walking away in his flippers (when he knew there werent any girl guests hehe) and then comming back cuz no one cared about him haha.

So then they had to form “couples” and its sooo corny. Its like the other episodes where they had to do dances and give a rose to a member from the other group etc. But of course, this time they’re confessing to BOYS ROFL. And Teuk’s “who’s he going to give his heart to” and “will he accept his love” makes it even more funny XD Hyukjae turns into a pro namer in this episode and makes up all the couple names haha, I still think EunHae is the best thing he came up with though <3 And apparently, Yesung is “Ordinary Person No.1” and Sungmin is “Ordinary Person No.2” HAHAHAHA

Shindong “proposes” to Jo Kwon and OH EM GEE YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT JO KWON’S DANCE (beginning of Part 2)!!!! Remember the Wonder Boy’s performance? This is like a flashback of that. The guy is so queer funny haha. Its like when he dances, its another him, not the ballad singer Jo Kwon. It is a tad disturbing though, but omo he has a 6 pack 0_0.

Dong Min is next and I swear everything this guy does has the word FAIL written all over it. Haha wtf is with his dance, but I laughed so much when Shindong kicked his ass and he fell down XDD So Dong Min picks Seul Ong because his “leg hair fits my requirements” lol. They talk about his leg hair alot here. I cant really see it but apparently its really long lol. Seul Ong is so awkward when he dances that its adorable <33

 Sungmin is next and he complains that he has to dance instead of play his guitar XD Then they talk about how all his scenes were deleted in the other episode haha. So mean! He chooses Changmin and ROFL at Changmin’s dance. Even the boys agree with me that the 2AM boys have different sides to their personality lol. They all do like 180 changes when they dance.

Hyukjae is next and he’s dancing is awesome, even in water. Hahaha I am so biased <333 His last pose was so hot but then Teuk’s high pitch laugh killed it. Gotta love his laugh though =D Yesung prepares a “strong dance’ which turned out to be him running around and splashing everyone with water. WHO DOESNT LOVE YEHSEX?!?! He is so much phail XDDDDD

After picking the teams, they have a synchronise swimming battle and the girl judge (who is also a syncrhonise swimmer) is totally Hyuk biased hahaha. She compliments at everything he does and Teuk is all “Actually you’re biased right. The truth is when I see it, its nothing much” ROFLMAO *rolls around laughing* Ohh and Shindong has a phobia of water? Lol he gets really freaked out half way through his performance and they have to “rescue” him up and wipe his face and everything =S

I wont tell you the winning team, cuz you should watch it for yourself. Its so funny!



    i’ll ignore JoKwon’s dancing part cos i find it crossing the disturbing line too heh. but LOL dun u love the PDs for getting boys instead of girls? i swear it can never be this funny with girls. and how i’ve missed LoveLetter! they made me want the show back, and maybe they should pick one of those SuJu boys to take HoDong’s place. SeulOng seems quiet but nways he’s my favourite so i really wanted him to pair up with EunHyuk. at first when he picked the other MC i was 0_0 but later, SMART BOY. guess he wasn’t thinking properly earlier.

    and i’m pretty darn sure now SM lies A LOT about their boys’ height. and perhaps JYP doesn’t. EunHyuk looks like a midget standing next to JinWoon and SeulOng and go compare their profile height! :) and cos i noticed how ppl say JaeBum’s short when looking at the height stated in his profile but i thought i saw in a fancam, looks like JongHyun’s his height, if not shorter. hehe. cmon SM, u can’t fool us with shoelifts forever :D

  2. inquinn

    Gotta love all the boy and boy actions hahaha. Some parts were a tad disturbing, but some parts make me go “awww”. Especially when they’ve picked their partners and they hug eachother haha. Your right! I was totally laughing cuz the suju boys are really small and when they hug the 2AM boys, they are up to the chest XDD Haha. Well, we know their heights are all fake cuz the boys say so themselves, its always “plus minus 5cm” or something hahaha. Plus, of course their shoelifts are famous lol. But gosh, they really are midgets compared to the 2AM boys O_O

    I actually dont have a favourite One Day member…Wait wait I lied lol. I totally forgot, but Nichkhun is probably my favourite because he is soo cute *_* I dont have a favourite 2AM boy though cuz I’m still in the process of learning all their names =_= I’m really slow at this. Took me forever to learn Suju names and faces haha.

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