Posted by: lovediaries | September 16, 2008

SHINee to MC M!Countdown

{Translation credits: sanbi @ SHINee Forums}

Alex is stopping his activities as a singer as well as his appearance in various variety shows due to his health problems.

Due to his busy schedule Alex has accumulated fatigue and is showing symptoms of back problems so he decided to stop his activities to get some rest.

Alex has left Mnet M! Countdown as a MC and SHINee will be temporarily MCing in his place. Alex is also planning to leave MBC We Got Married with Andy-Solbi Couple soon.

Oh you guys, this is a dream come true :DD First I saw pics of Henry and SHInee playing together at SMTown Concert and now this. Key can finally show off his MCing skills on something that actually requires him to talk non stop XD. He’s going to be great <3

I hope Alex gets better though. We Got Married won’t be as cool without those two couples :( Btw, hav you guys seen their “kids”? SO FUNNY AHAHA.


  1. oh so sorry for alex, but yaaay for shinee!! 1st mc job!
    will key use his own mic? lol, he can make it bigger
    as he said “the bigger the mic the better mc you are”–> dies rofling at his statement

  2. ^I know! I’m so excited for them ^__^ It’ll be a chance for Key to show off and an opportunity for Onew to brush up on his public speaking skills LOLOL

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