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Who’s your Big Bang boyfriend? Part II

Pinkandsparkly did a post on the first part of the survey *Here*

This part is just as sweet, cute and crack filled as the other one XDD

Last time I picked GD and this time I pick GD again haha <333 But I like some of TOP’s answers too. He sounds like a bad boy and us girls love bad boys lol. SeungRi has the best answers though! He sounds sooo cute I want to hide him in my pockets lol.

[For those that dont know YB = Youngbae = Taeyang. The others are pretty straight forward yea?]

My comments are in orange and my pick is in blue XD

1. When I buy him clothes as a present and he doesnt like it

a. TOP: smiles and lies trying to compliment it saying its pretty
b. GD: takes my hand and goes to the shopping mall explaining why he must exchange it for his fashion purposes (Honesty is the key to successful relationships)
c. YB: smiles and tries to start a different conversation
d. DS: gets overly excited and exaggerates his thanks
e. SR: wears it on the spot and jumps up and down the sidewalk (HAHA he is such a kid)

2. When I am jealous due to his relationship with one of the female celebrities on TV

a. TOP: holds my hand.
b. GD: explains logically says its not true… then goes on TV and explains to the world its not true as well.
c. YB: stutters trying to explain continously, then sighs saying he’s sorry (What a dork. Why is he saying sorry when he didnt do anything wrong?)
d. DS: laughs and seeings ‘Look at Me GiSoon’ with my name in it instead
e. SR: Acts cute and says “Are you being jealous right now~!?’ in a cute voice

3. When I’m away from my phone and another guy sends me a text hitting on me

a. TOP: deletes the guys number
b. GD: presses ‘Call’ on the number right away.
c. YB: pretends he didnt see it but gets quiet
d. DS: tells me i got a text and gives me suspicious looks
e. SR: smiles and lets it go infront of me, then goes home and tracks the guy down texting him evil messages (how childish haha)

4. When he comes to my house without a word but I look like a ‘pain’ (no shower, havent washed hair, sweats, etc etc)

a. TOP: Washes my hair for me
b. GD: Makes me a schedule on ‘how to not be a pain’ and makes me write a written oath that i will never be a ‘pain’ again
c. YB: lies to me and tells me he hasnt washed his hair for 4 days either
d. DS: sits down on my couch like nothings wrong and watches Dorramon (=_=)
e. SR: Gets too shocked and scared that he cant even come in the house (See what I mean by him having the best answers XD)

5. When I get a sickness and must die the next day

a. TOP: treats me like the normal days but never lets go of my hand
b. GD: swallows/hides his tears and says “Lets live today to the fullest/Until the day ends lets live like no tomorrow” (This sounds so kdrama like)
c. YB: ends up crying and doesnt know what to do
d. DS: pretends he didnt hear and keeps making me laugh
e. SR: cant stop crying and just keeps taking pictures with me

6. When he walks in on me cheating on him with someone else

a. TOP: without a word, punches the guy and takes me with him (that sounds so hot. I love over jealous boyfriends)
b. GD: gives me his ring (couple ring), cellphone and walks out without a word (it’ll make me feel guilty and chase after him)
c. YB: makes a conversation with all of us
d. DS: says “Oops, got in the wrong place” and walks out
e. SR: gets very mad and cant control his anger so he throws and breaks furniture

7. When meeting my parents and they dont like him

a. TOP: goes on his knees
b. GD: says “(name) is pregnant” (rebel much?)
c. YB: smiles and says he wants to marry his first love
d. DS: tries to earn points by seeing ‘Look at me Gwisoon’
e. SR: kisses me infront of my parents and shouts “(name) IS MY LADY!” (Haha I’ll probably get disowned but its going to be so worth it!)

8. When he sees that I’m in the audience while hes performing

a. TOP: never takes his eyes off me until his performance ends
b. GD: ignores me because i make him nervous and focuses on making the performance perfect for me
c. YB: is so happy that he keeps smiling and messes up his dance
d. DS: puts in customized moves by him for me
e. SR: acts cute infront of the camera

9. When I tell him I’m going to get plastic surgery

a. TOP: pretends he didnt hear and secretly slides a picture of ‘surgery-gone-wrong’ pictures for me to see
b. GD: gives me his credit card (ROFL)
c. YB: tells me im more beautiful now and says no.
d. DS: insists if i do it, hes definitely doing it too
e. SR: listens to me and then makes fun of me

10. When I say Im going to a resort for university

a. TOP: tells me to have fun and come back
b. GD: keeps asking me if guys are gonna be there too
c. YB: says its okay but you see him starting to pout without realization
d. DS: suddenly gives me DorraMon and tells me to think of him when i look at this
e. SR: says “Take me too”

11. When watching a movie together and its some serious 19+ sexual content…

a. TOP: tries to switch the mood by being funny
b. GD: ……asks jokingly “…can you do that?”
c. YB: cheeks turn red, starts pourring nose bleed and faints (hahaha omg wtf?)
d. DS: “oh fun stuff~” and ejoys it (tsk tsk DS, what a bad boy XD)
e. SR: suddenly whips his head around and looks at me

Credits to Cynthia Wong for translating @ BIG BANG Facebook group and Big Bang WordPress fansite (where I got it from)


  1. oh no you just made me fall in love with TOP more than ever!

  2. lol G-dragon is going to make me go straight to hell “can you do that?” lol

  3. Lol, these boys are too funny! I love GD’s response to the plastic surgery and the X-rated movie questions. I got TOP again though – happy! ^_^

  4. I love these things! I chose TOP for the 1st quiz by one point I think.
    This time was SR:2, GD:2, DS:2, TOP:2, YB: 3 And really, that’s only b/c I had so much trouble with Q8, the stage performance. All their answers were so cute I just picked one. Does this mean I get to take all of them?

    Seungri’s “La Flor IS MY LADY!” just made my week.


    e. SR: suddenly whips his head around and looks at me (this so has a “to be continued…”)

    Daesung’s answers make me LOL. I would probably pick a bit of TOP, and SeungRi cause one is full tough and the other is a kid. So in between would be good :D

  6. mel
    LOL. This just made me fall in love with Big Bang more than ever. They’re all so awesome <3

    HAHAHA….I thought his answer was hilarious. Oh, GD, your too awesome XD

    TOP’s answers are so manly lol. The whole bad boy thing, which is definitely hawt. But I prefer boys thats not too manly and not too feminine. GD’s answer to the plastic surgery is hilarious. HAHA

    These are so funny and they’re awesome procastinating material XD LOL, you got 2 for all of them. Yeah, some questions were hard and all their answers were so good that I just wanted to pick all of them. And no, you cant take them all. You gotta share SR and GD with me hahaha.

    ROFLMAO!! I’m glad you liked it. You do abuse your caps way too much though =PPPP HAHAHA But I totally agree. Their answers are soooo fkn hilarious. XXDDDDDD

    Yea, I think TOP is a bit too macho for my taste and SR would probably annoy me in real life cuz his such a kid haha. I like GD cuz he’s not overly corny and mushy and kinda has the “i dont care” attitude which is hot lol. Though, I wouldnt mind mixing him with SR lol <3

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