Posted by: lovediaries | September 16, 2008

ZLY to begin promotion for “Believe in Love”

Image Hosted by^Doesn’t she look so cute ^_________^

“Believe in Love” was my second favourite track after “Perfect Love” (I can’t wait for that guy to debut ^^) so I’m very excited for this :D There’s also talk of a second album being released!!!! SNSD’s second album is coming out soon, right? So it should be time for ZLY to release another one too XD.

And we all know what new album means right? New songs –> NEW MVs!!!!!! ZLY’s MV’s have got to be my favourite ever (I still cry whenever I watch them and it’s been like a year already xPP). I don’t think I would ever get sick of the Timeless Trio either, so I hope they come back to make some more tragic and heart wrenching music videos :D/

Interview under the cut!

{credit: rikayla @ zhangliyin}

Sohu: When will you release your next album? What sort of style will it be? What sort of songs do you prefer?

ZLY: Everybody knows that my first album had a lot of slow romantic songs, so I hope my second album will have a more R&B feeling, because I personally like R&B songs more and since my voice is more suited for that style. I hope to go on a more personal style, maybe a little more individualistic, maybe more dance and more R&B songs.

Sohu: How does it feel performing on your own country’s stage this time around?

ZLY: I feel very welcomed because I’ve returned to China to perform. Plus, seeing so many fans in the audience, I’m very happy. They have waited for a long time, so I hope to give a good performance to them.

Sohu: For the next little while, what are your plans for promotions in China?

ZLY: For the next while, I should be promoting a song call “Believe in Love”. After promotion, I should release my second album.

Sohu: When you don’t have activities, what do you usually do?

ZLY: Usually I like to hang out with my friends, go shopping, watch movies, and I especially like to travel.

Sohu: Speak a few words to your own fans; they’ve very concerned about you.

ZLY: I hope everybody will support me more, care for me; I will soon promote a new song called “Believe in Love”, so I hope for everybody’s support.

Sohu: We’ve interviewed Liyin many times now, but you’ve become much more knowledgeable. In fact, this time, Liyin has become more mature and more beautiful, especially this green dress, it looks very good on her!

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