Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 17, 2008

Photos from DBSK’s Sohu interview

More under the cut

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Hahahahahaha, I wonder what Micky and Junsu did to offend their hairdresser so badly? Seriously, *I* can cut hair better than Micky’s hairdresser. It looks like he got a pair of scissors, went *chop* and then left to grab lunch. And never returned O_O

JJ’s shirt makes me LOL, though, it’s so….weird XD “Living city life as a *rectangle*” (?) WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. But Changmin’s outfit makes up for it. HELLO CHANGMIN, WHY DO YOU LOOK SO GOOD

I can’t wait to watch this interview; their Chinese is always so much fail it makes me laugh XD. Good times~

P.S. I replied to everyone’s comments. I’m so coooooooooooool :P


  1. Ah…Changmin..has been looking awfully good lately..
    Like goood.. ^^
    Junsu’s hair doesn’t bother me so much, its a nice hair cut..on someone else.
    I wish his hair was longer, and lighter, but i guess they’re going to this kind of sleek choppy thing.
    Yoochun..i have forgiven him already. ^^
    I think the hairdressers only like Yunho & Changmin, they aren’t so bad..except i really like that light hair color on Min, why did they change it??!!
    I’ve seen the boys standing next to eachother..but did Min have a growth spurt??!! Hes so tall!

    I have one problem though..why is Yunho so skinny??!
    His waist..His body..(With clothes on) looks so
    Its the same with Jae.

    [You may have replied to everyones comments, that does not excuse your absence all the time!! I like..never see loads of pink on the comment box anymore..Its alright..It think..i’ll survive…somehow..T_T]

    I’m so dramatic. XD

  2. I’m putting this here, cuz i’m lazy again.
    Full version of Hey Don’t Bring Me Down.
    LOL Yoochun..LOL.

  3. LOL the retangle means fill in the blank, but still, what does that mean? this site made me super happy today ^-^ loads of DBSK news and i found out i could finally pre-order their CD XD

  4. Jae has an interesting shirt haha. I am so tempted to just grab a scissor and chop off that extra chunk of hair. They all look sleep deprived. Poor boys :(

  5. Imjustkeeding:
    I know, his long hair put me off him for the looongest time. And yea, Junsu’s haircut isn’t actually that bad, it just doesn’t suit HIM. Micky’s hair….I have no words XD

    They’re alllllll too skinny :(

    Hahahaha, I’m sorry, I think I’ve been half hiatus-ing for a few months now XDDD It’s really because I normally live at the DBSK baidu bar, so I always end up posting DBSK news. But recently, they haven’t been doing much, so I’ve become lazy =.= But now they’re back, so you’ll be seeing wayyyy more of me (seriously, you’ll start to get sick of me soon). Except I won’t be here next week…I’M GOING TO MELBOURNE :DDDDD

    Hahaha, I just thought they got the measurements wrong and that they were trying to say “square” XD

    Comments like yours make us happy ^____^v

    His hair bugs me. So I won’t look at it XDDD

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