Posted by: beckery | September 17, 2008

Preorder Minwoo’s 4th Album – M Rizing

I havent done a post on Minwoo for ages. But now that theres some news on him, its good news too XDDD

His 4th album is up for preorder at *Yesasia* The release date is 25th September. (Thats going to be one hectic week! Not that I”m complaining. Plus, I start holidays so WOOT FANDOM CAN EXPLODE and I’ll be in the middle of it all hahaha)

Anyways, I loled so hard at the album cover. Minwoo seems to be aging backwards, both in appearance and mentality! What a cutie pie <333 The song list is very impressive! Collaborations with Mighty Mouth (loved their “I love you” ft Eun Hye), Son Dam Bi, Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls (ooh how interesting) and Big Tone. I also checked the song writers info and wow, Minwoo took part in most of the songs, either penning the lyrics or composing. This is why I love this guy so much. He is so multitalented!

Check out the tracklist!


1. I’m Here
Music: Kim Taewan / Choi Jung Min
Lyrics: Kim Taewan / Lee Minwoo

2. 남자를믿지마
Namjareul Mitjima / Don’t Trust Men
Feat. BigTone
Music: Kang Dong Chul
Lyrics: Kang Dong Chul

3. I “M” U
Feat. MightyMouth
Music: Lee Hyun Do / Lee Minwoo
Lyrics: Lee Hyun Do / Lee Minwoo

4. 용서해
Yeongseohae / Forgive Me
Music: Kwon Tae Eun / Jang Joon Ho
Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

5. Hot!
Feat. Son Dambi
Music: Kwon Tae Eun / Jang Joon Ho
Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

6. 멋진인생
Motjin Insaeng / Cool Life
Music: Lee Minwoo
Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

7. 가면무도회
Kamyeon Mudohwi / Masquerade
Feat. Big Tone
Music: Lee Minwoo
Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

8. Wink Show
Music: Kwon Tae Eun / Jung Joon Ho
Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

9. HONEY꼬시기
Honey Kkoshigi / Seducing Honey
Feat. Yoobin(Wonder Girls)
Music: Kwon Tae Eun / Jang Joon Ho
Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

10. Sad Song
Music: Lee Young Joon
Lyrics: Lee Young Joon / Lee Minwoo

11. 반한GIRL
Banhan Girl / Smitten Girl
Music: Park Jae Seon
Lyrics: Kim Jung Seo

12. 나의여백 (M’S EPILOGUE)
Na-ui Yeobaek / My Space
Music: Kim Hyun Woo
Lyrics: Song Jin Hong

Source: Oceans’6
Eng trans:

Songwriters Info:
Source: Korea Music Copyright Association
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


  1. thanks for these info.
    M is realy adorable in this cover =)

  2. thank you 4 sahring this info ^^ i missed him so much :p i love his I M U feat.Big Tone, the one that featured Dambi n else :p omo.. totally an awesome comeback album ^^

  3. I M U feat. Mighty mouth i mean ^^ hehe..typo :p

  4. MOMO
    Its ok XD I was happy to see he was really involved with the album!

    I’m glad you liked his album. Minwoo all sorts of awesome right? I liked his song with Dambi and Sunye. But I still love “Dont trust men” most <33

  5. yeong seo hae & nam ja reul mit ji ma are beautifull songs…
    oppa fighting!
    luv your song so much…

  6. bunz_JGS
    the album is very nice isnt it? XD

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