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SHINee Cookie News Interview

::EDIT:: Added an article, too!

Yes, another flood of SHINee posts but I’m going on hiatus soon exams aldskfjldsjfa so read/watch these while you can :DD

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

Oh ahahahaha. I think they must’ve been halfway through getting changed when they were asked to do this interview. No, they’re not halfnaked =.=” unfortunately but Minho and Key are in those black outfits I love while the other three are in their White Love like Oxygen clothes.

Have you guys noticed that whenever Jonghyun talks, he always looks at Onew? LIKE ALL THE TIME! He does it so much in this video it’s cute. It’s like a mix between “Hmm, maybe Onew should be saying this” and “Onew, am I doing this right?” Then when Key talks, he looks mainly at Jonghyun.

Anyway, Onew is total fail because he goes to talk and then ……… so Jonghyun (who SNORTED at his leader XDDD) talks again. ITS REALLY FUNNY.

Taemin gets a turn at speaking and he starts selling Jonghyun’s solo (see? such a sweet kid) and Jonghyun gets all embarrassed AHAHAHA.

Jonghyun is officially a better speaker than Onew. Lol, Onew needs more practice!!! It’s not that he gets tongue tied but I think he just doesn’t really know how to answer the question properly :S While Jonghyun has no problem with blabbering on. But it doesn’t matter because I just kept staring at Onew’s adam’s apple ahaha.


The “SHINee World, we love you!” put me off, though =.=”

Also, I found this off SHINee forums. I loved what they said about their first impressions of each other (which I’ve put in bold). And I think I’ve just fallen for Key all over again (even though he said something similar to what Jonghyun said…he worded it better LOL).

The noona wave is here. There is new artist SHINee in the center of that wave. They debuted in May with their mini album ‘Replay’ and created the noona wave. They released their 1st album ‘The SHINee World’ in August and are gaining popularity with their title song ‘Love Like Oxygen.’

The name SHINee was created from the word ‘Shine’ by adding 2 e’s. It means people receiving light. The group consists of leader Onew (18), Jonghyun (18), Minho (16), Key (16) and Taemin (14).

SHINee is from SM Entertainment who produced DBSK, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, CSJH The Grace etc… It’s only been 3 months since they debuted and they are already considered a popular idol group. But they haven’t experienced their popularity yet.

“We don’t have the time to go on the internet so we don’t know how the fans react. The staff members do tell us things but other than that we have no way of knowing. So we never thought we are popular. When we perform or see the rankings on music shows we think ‘there are people who recognize us’.”

“We were surprised to see fans in the thirties & forties.”

If their mini album was the chance to get their name known, we are able to feel SHINee’s growth in their 1st album. It has 12 songs with different genres such as R&B, Urban, Pop. SHINee’s matured voice in each song is impressive. Their title song Love Like Oxygen is a remake of Martin’s Show the World’ and is topping the offline and online charts.

SHINee is a teen idol group but their fanbase is composed of fans in their twenties & thirties. Leader Onew said “We had a fansign a while ago and almost all of them were noona fans so we were surprised. Maybe because of Jonghyun’s solo song we have ajooma fans in their forties and fifties too.” They said they are happy because they gained male fans too.

What was your 1st impression of each other?

We wonder what their 1st impression of each other was when SHINee was 1st created.

“I was thankful that the hyungs spoke to me first. I usually act cute when i get closer to people but i am very shy in the beginning.” (Taemin)

“I had a good feeling about the members so i thought the team would work out well.” (Minho)

“Each of us had clear & unique colors so i thought we can show many charms.” (Jonghyun)

“Each of them had individuality so i thought if we got together as SHINee we can make a unique color. ” (Key)

“Everyone had a quiet personality so we didn’t have a lot of opportunities to talk. As time passed and we got to know each other we slowly started to open ourselves to each other. I have learned a lot from the members as a leader too.” (Onew)

The oldest, leader Onew & Jonghyun are 4 years apart from the youngest Taemin. They are both teens but they revealed that there are some things they don’t know about each other.

“Taemin was 4 years old when H.O.T was performing so he said he doesn’t remember them. So we were shocked. There are comics that Taemin knows and we don’t and comics we know Taemin doesn’t know. At those times we do feel the age gap.”

SHINee currently reminds us of DBSK when they first debuted. When we said they are the little DBSK, SHINee said “DBSK is a senior we respect and is very talented. It’s an honor to stand on the same stage with them. It’s the same for other idol groups. It hasn’t been long since we debuted so we can’t even think about competing with others. We just work hard on the things we are given.”

If we get the chance we want to try acting too.

Recently on ‘SHINee’s Yun-ha-nam they showed a parody of the movie The King & the Clown and MBC Drama Damo. It wasn’t their acting debut but they had a meaningful time in their parody acting. SHINee mentioned that if they have a chance they want to try acting someday.

SHINee members live in a dorm. They lived together for 6 months so they are confident in their teamwork.

SHINee picked their fans as the most thankful person. They especially showed gratitude toward their newly formed fanclub ‘SHINee World.’ “We are thankful to the SHINee World fans. Please love SHINee Forever (laughs). We love you SHINee World.”

Their goal is to get the new artist award this year. The new artist award is something you can only get once in your life so they said they want it more. By looking at their activities I think their dream will come true.

Translation credits: sanbi
Source: Cookie News
Credits: shinee-ing + SHINee Forums

And lmao, if Onew and Jonghyun feel the age gap between themselves and Taemin think of how everyone else in SMTown (who have debuted) would feel!!!



    Another SHINee post? XD

    Be back to comment lol~


  3. No, they’re not halfnaked =.=”

    Lol cough I’m so not going into the discussion of pairings. XD

    WTHECK he did snort at Onew.. ahhh xD Onew is adorable!fail, though. Homg I wasn’t the only one who noticed his adam’s apple *_____* It sticks out like… so much. lol i dunno what i’m saying Hm, yeah, Jonghyun is really good at speaking… or memorizing lines? And yeah he can blabber on like woah *_*

    LOL HAHAHA “compared to last time we did a spiky hairstyle that is manly with dandy outfits.” Lolllllll ~*DANDY*~

    Eek, all their talk of working even harder is scaring me. D:

  4. ^AHAHA well I said that especially to make it sound that way :PP

    I have an adam’s apple fetish (Donghae, Yoochun, anyone???) so I always notice these things. If I don’t see it then it is not worthy of my attention ROFL.

    Lol but even if Jonghyun is memorising, at least there is now variety, right? I still can’t get over Onew XD Argh he’s so cute!!!

  5. waaaah they are all so cute. Onew is always tongue-tied, i want to laugh at him but he was so apologetic, i want to give the tofu a big hug to comfort him! did i remember wrongly or did Minho not say a single word throughout the entire interview? stop playing secretive, Minho! haha.

  6. ^Onew didn’t even know what Q he was answering XD DORK! Lol and no you didn’t remember wrongly, Minho didn’t say a single word =.=”””

  7. “I have an adam’s apple fetish (Donghae, Yoochun, anyone???)”

    HIGH FIVE- YO!! actually for me, it’s adam’s apple, broad shoulders (Yoochun!) and thick eyebrows. just so happen that Yoochun has 2 out of these 3 so he was my first love in DBSK. but now i’m being fair to all of them.

    oh yes, Key’s eyebrows did catch my attention at the beginning.

  8. ^*HI5* Lol I don’t particularly have a fetish for thick eyebrows but I do find Key’s attractive. IDK, they kinda give him personality? XD

    I like nice arms…something I can hold and grope AHAHAHA.

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