Posted by: lovediaries | September 17, 2008

SHINee Sohu Interview

Watch it here.

You know the ZLY one I posted yesterday? Well this is the SHINee one…in video lol. It’s only 40 seconds long but it’s worth posting BECAUSE THEY TALK IN CHINESE :DD

Well they only say “大家好。 我们是 SHINee” (da jia hao. wo men shi SHINee) and their own introductions but still!!! They all have pretty good accents though I’m not really surprised since it’s on their profiles (except for Onew) that they have an interest in Chinese. It’s funny though, cause everyone says “da jia hao” while Onew says “Ni hao” ahahahaha.

It’s only a matter of time before they can be as “fluent” as SJM :D/


  1. “fluent” LOL 8D

    Dghjfkjkfhfsjs all I could think about was how cute they were when they introduced themselves~ :DDD

  2. ^HAHA Yes “fluent” in SJM terms :D
    I know argh *squishes them*

  3. Aw! They’re so cute! They really do have good accents. Lol, Onew is special. Therefore, he says “Ni hao”.

  4. ^Haha lol yeah okay it all makes sense now ;)

  5. LOL I didn’t catch it the first time I watched it, but A;LDSKJALSDJF Taemin is so cute. When he introduced himself in Chinese, he accidentally said “Da jia hao, wo men shi Taemin” instead of just “Da jia hao, wo shi Taemin” XDDDD I heard that and went back to make sure and then I just started laughing. And especially because they covered it up by putting at the bottom “wo shi Taemin”. How cute is that?
    Other than that, did you catch that Key says “wo jiao Key” instead of what everyone else says, “wo shi ________”? Special boy <3

  6. ^Are you serious? Omg subs are SO EVIL lol. I didn’t even pick up on that. But haha Ooh so then you must be chinese too? ^___^

  7. Haha yes, I’m an ABC ^^ Cantonese actually, but… I have basic knowledge of Mandarin. ……Actually if you want to know I have THIRD GRADE KNOWLEDGE XDDDD I’m still working on it though -_-;;

  8. ^I’m ABC too!!! I’m also Cantonese!!! omg *hi5*
    I think you’re the third one on this site including me. Or maybe fourth one? Anyway yay!! *clings onto you* :PP

  9. *drags along while I go….. somewhere* XPP Sorry, I have places to go and things to do. Ah yes, the GLORIUS WONDERFUL thing that draws us away from our fandoms that we call school. But yay for Cantos!

  10. OMG! I’m now learning Chinese but I could actually understand what they said. Yay! Thank you for sharing – I wasn’t planning to watch that interview. I totally forgot it would be in Chinese.

  11. epicism

    Ooh so are you Chinese? I love being able to read/write/speak Chinese cause isn’t it like one of the most difficult languages to learn lol?

  12. Ha, no, I’m definitely not Chinese. I’m just taking a class in it right now. I was actually planning to learn Japanese but that class was full. It’s not so difficult right now but it’s getting harder. But it’s fun learning new languages – I love the idea that I can understand people and they have NO IDEA! Hmm, is that a bad thing?
    Anyways, wow, I didn’t know you could read/write/speak Chinese! That’s awesome! Go you, being all multi-faceted.

  13. ^Ah, yeah learning languages are fun! I’m looking forward to learning Japanese or Korean in uni :) Haha yeah, that’s why I help translate articles from Baidu whenever I can ie when I’m not feeling lazy :PP

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