Posted by: beckery | September 17, 2008

Suju ~ Yamaha Fino CF

Just felt like disrupting Candychu’s flood of SHINee posts =P lol

Credits : jeejeejerry@soompi + YAMAHA Website

More pics under the cut.

Watch the 16 sec CF *here* I think theres going to be a longer version later.

When I heard Suju was doing a Yamaha CF, I thought it was pretty funny cuz they dont exactly come off as bad boys riding motorbikes but more of a dorks riding tricycles XD I’m such a greant fan lol. But now I understand why. Yamaha Finos are actually cute, colourful scooters!

Anyways, you only get to only see Suju (minus Kibum and Yesung) for a bit, but Donghae and Siwon’s expression is totally worth it. LOL. I dont really understand the CF, but wow, what were the boys doing behind that screen?! You’ll understand what I mean when you watch it. When the screen door opened, all the boys looked really surprised and had the “deer caught in headlights” expression. Then they all started straightening their clothes HAHA. HOW SUSS IS THAT!?! =D


  1. SUSS! Very suss indeed ;)

  2. LOL!
    Shindong..your hair.. T_T
    Kyu & Hangeng are looking pretty good.
    I love the burst of color on Hannie & Donghae. ^^

    I didn’t even look at the title and read the description..
    I was like..what? Why did she give me this link..its not SJ!!!!
    & I was going to tell you and then..LOL

    I love that “OH!”

    Their faces..looked like they were all caught naked together and then they’re like “Oh we have clothes on!”
    & Why was Shindong bent over?? Hmm?? In front of Kyu no less??
    & Why was Sungmin watching???!!

    Oh and those two guys..have really nices voice..i really like their “FINO”

  3. Lol that was cute … a lil short though :(
    I can’t wait to see the full version :D

    :D Golf & Mike are there too.

  4. AH. I have to add…
    Because everytime i notice something..i have to tell someone.

    You basically see everyones face..except Eunhyuk..he keeps getting blocked out!!

    I mean, you basically see a full shot of each of their faces..but theres always a part blocking him in the cf..well the part they were show in..even though it was like 3 seconds..still. ^^

  5. OMGOMG, SuJu AND Golf-Mike<33 Haven’t seen Golf-Mike for so long…
    LOL @ Donghae&Siwon’s expressions. So funny xD

  6. this made my day HAHAHAHA XD

  7. Candies
    Lol. But we love suss-ness dont we =P

    Honey, I’m starting to think you live at our blog now =P Just thought I’d say a thanks for always linking us to awesome stuff <3

    Yea, the neon blue scarfs XDD You probably dont know, but I have this HUGE scarf fetish. Scarfs are so useful to glam up outfits and keep you warm at the same time lol.

    LOL yea, at first I thought I got the wrong link too cuz I didnt see any Suju boys. But Golf-Mike are pretty cute yea yea? *winks* lol..Absolutely loved their reactions. And good question, why was ermm Shindong bending over? XDDDD rofl. Gosh you dirty minded girl =PPP

    I’m sure a longer version will be released soon and I cant wait to see it too. Never heard of Golf and Mike before, but they’re really cute XD

    Alex Ryom
    Lol I actually dont know who Golf and Mike are *blushes*, but they’re sooo cute XD

    Awww I’m glad you liked it <3

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