Posted by: lovediaries | September 18, 2008

080917 SHINee on FM Inki Radio

I really really really like their outfits. I think I like Taemin’s colours best but I like the way Key’s wearing his clothes. THEY JUST LOOK RLY GOOD, OK? XD

Love’s Way – I still don’t have a Studio version of this song and only listen to the LQ ripped audio from when they sung this on Shim Shim Tapa, I think, so I’m expecting it to be MIND BLOWING when I hear it in HQ. You’re my true loooooove~~~ I loved how after Minho’s rap, it was Key’s rap but the camera went to Jonghyun and then it kinda went “woah, wrong dude” XD Also, Jonghyun totally winked at me the camera at the start ^___^

Love like Oxygen – I’m watching this because they said Onew’s voice cracked AHAHAHA and omg I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM. Like I don’t even want to laugh anymore because it looked so embarrassing…oh what the heck – AHAHAHAHHAAHAHA. Lol I seriously think I started jinxing him ever since I wanted his voice to crack in his “Gonna be with you by my si~de” …cause y’all know I have super natural powers and all that jazz ;)

Minho’s hair looks different – did he cut it? Or did he just forget to get it styled? It looks hot though :) My favourite part of the song is still Key’s “퍼져~도” and he’s so cute dancing in the corner.

Onew Minho Solo Noraebang Segment – This is why I love them going on radio shows :) Onew *____* And this is why his voice is like my second favourite in Kpop (rofl, I originally wrote Kpoop AHAHA). I’m really annoyed though because I have the original on my computer but I can’t find it right now 7.7 I love Key’s “Oh Onew!” I bet it’s him because it’s such a Key thing to do XD. Then Minho raps and ahh his voice is so sexy too. He closes his eyes when he raps and then he kinda opens them and raises his eyebrow and it just kills me. Wow, this was the longest the camera has ever been focused on Minho lol. YAY :D And then Jonghyun’s “Shh” ^___^ ohh why so cute???

Girls Generation+Balloons+Rokkugo Noraebang – Why are they always singing “Girls Generation”?? Their voices are so low lol it’s funny. I really want to see SHINee dress up as animals and dance to Balloons. Because I really liked them singing & dancing to Miracle so I want them to do a cute DBSK song too :) And back then, Taemin was probably young enough to have been one of DBSK’s kids AHAHA. He could’ve replaced Yoochun’s girl LOLOL. Nah, she was the cutest ^^

When Taemin starts singing they do their fan cheer “Lee Taemin!” “Saranghae!” which is really cute cause I’ve been re-watching their LLO performances and fans have started actually cheering, “Kim Jonghyun!” “Lee Jinki!” etc etc. They cheer right after everyone’s solo so it’s pretty coordinated and they only call everyone’s name like twice which is good :) And I still hear “He’s your God in a circle” & “Boobs a little more” XDD.

Onew gets really into Rokkugoh – I’m surprised he didn’t bash the camera in the process.


  1. Lol uhm so 8D I totally watched You’re Like Oxygen just to hear Onew’s voice crack because I’m mean like that. XD I really like Key’s “퍼져~도” because of the vibrato. I dunno, it sounds cool.

    I always like Onew’s little solos. I love his voice. ;_; ♥ And Minho, wow. My jaw just dropped the whole time I was watching, seriously. He looked so passionate… not to mention his voice was hot. :D A lot of people think he’s just shy and introverted, but that’s obviously not the case here~ he was so expressive with the way he was using his hands and all the little facial expressions he made and lakjsdlf basically everything you said D:!

    Dalksd Jonghyun looked like a little boy when he was doing the Shh! thing :DDDD

    “He’s your God in a circle”

    Argh, I can’t watch the rest of the videos since I was supposed to be in bed like three hours ago, and I sneaked into my grandma’s room to ~*seekritly*~ use her computer… D: Thanks for sharing, though <3

    skjdfl stupid internet made me type my whole post all over again D8

  2. is dead because of minho!!
    SHINee WON MUTIZEN FROM MNET! mcountdown!!!!
    so happy!! so emotional!!! lololol..
    im so PROUD of them!!!
    and, and they performed ROMANTIC!!
    akjhdklashkfhksjhf.. lol sorry for spazzing! hah

  3. etherenia
    I like it cause Key sounds so sexy *____*
    I know! Minho was so into it and so…not shy while rapping! I loved his hand motions too. God, his hands are so nice. His fingers are so long. And his face is so handsome. And AH MINHO <333


    ill bake cookies for you if you can make out any of what I just said.

  4. candychu!!! rofl!! you should start baking them now!! :P and i love romantic too!!!!
    there’s no video of it yet.. it was said that they performed a special stage together with ft island iono..not sure about that part but they did perform romantic!!! can’t wait for someone to upload!! now please!! and onew, jonghyun and key cried while taemin and minho were teary!! T_T.. and that they couldn’t sing properly for their encore perf!! awwww..i wanna cry too.. lol

  5. ^Wow, us SHINee fans really do understand each other, eh? ;)
    Omg if it’s not uploaded tonight I will wake up nice and early tomorrow morning to check LOL.
    And they cried? Omg that is SO CUTE. ITS GONA MAKE ME CRY TOO!!! Cool. Can’t wait to watch :) still I have romantic in my hear-ahhh-t

    *starts baking*

  6. yeah.. blame it on SHINee!! can comprehend even gibberish words due to SHINee’s awesomeness!! lol

    i found a link but i dunno if it will work for you.. it takes forever to load.. T_T
    it’s from the ending..when the winner was announced! trying to find romantic perf..

    i think i found it: not sure lol.. haven’t watched it yet.. haha

    and a pic of them accepting the award.. look at jongkey!!!

  7. ^I’m still refreshing Youtube after every minute and I should be doing my maths paper. ARGH SHINee, you’re killing me.

    And omg my heart just about BROKE when I saw that video. I seriously will cry watching the video XD

    Daum is really slow for me but I’ll try :S Thanks for the links, though <33

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