Posted by: lovediaries | September 18, 2008

Wondergirls Nobody MV Teaser

{credit: WonderfulChannel @ Youtube}

Wow…I don’t really know what to think. The song sounds nice but…not what I expected? Like when I saw the released pics I expected something fun? And it’s a bit too slow to be catchy but then again this is just the teaser so you never know! I personally think they look a bit too mature in this as well, but that’s just my opinion!

I’ll have to say though, SunMi looks especially pretty. I think it’s her eyes ^__^


  1. I actually really like the song so far. Its different to their “Tell Me” and “So Hot”, but I’ve been waiting for them to give slow songs a try.

    Love the “I want nobody nobody but chu”, sounds nice..

  2. ^It’s not that I don’t like the song but I wanted another crazy song like “So Hot” to get stuck into my head. Actually that probably wouldn’t be a good idea XD

  3. haha dude… this is REALLY REALLY similar to Dream Girls the movie
    i mean seriously….. even the moves/style :c

    i don’t have a problem with it… but it’s just that.. err i was hoping for something different, and “fun” too ):
    but it IS nice (:
    it fits better for their voices, and yeah this song fits sunmi’s voice more than so hot.
    lOl i think it’s sunmi 0o
    anyways, i’m looking forward to it… but it’s just that it’s TOO similar to Dream Girls to give much credit you know?

  4. Hmmmm…… I don’t really have a problem with the song, but I’m thinking it’ll take a while to grow on me actually.

    But I think Sunmi looks gorgeous ♥_♥ She’s probably one of my favorite Wondergirls. I just… there’s just one thing. The dance moves in the teaser look a little bit upbeat for “Nobody”. I was thinking maybe they won’t dance for this? But then again… @_@ I confuse myself. Someone explain me to me.

  5. eunhyukie
    Oh I haven’t seen Dream Girls except for the posters lol but yeah I think I note the similarities.

    I like the song so far just, as I said, not what I expected :S And yes Sunmi does look gorgeous ^___^

  6. the preview didn’t appeal to me much but the longer version sounds really good.

    im excited for it now ^^

  7. ^the link doesn’t work for me :(
    I’ll just wait for it to come out on youtube ^___^

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