Posted by: beckery | September 19, 2008

Arirang – Top 7 Lovable Magnae of Kpop Groups

Credits to sushimadness @ youtube

::EDIT:: The clips been removed =____= I’ll go find another clip later, sorry peoples. Gotta run! New clip added XD

The awesome thing about Arirang clips is that its in english, but most of the time, the stuff they say are sooooooo corny it makes me cringe lol.

I pretty much agree with this list. Except theres no Shinhwa and I know, I know. Although Andy is magnae of the group, he isnt exactly young, BUT his soooooo loveable *huggles my boy* cuz no one wants him haha. Oh no.1 and 2 kinda caught me by surprise too.

Dont want to ruin the clip for anyone, so I’m going to put the answers under the cut. But do watch the clip and laugh at all the mushy descriptions lol. Oh and I added a poll for YOU to tell US who you think is the most loveable magnae XD

7. “The Super Charmer of Battle…Chris [Battle]” awww I’m so glad he made it on the list, he’s my favourite Battle member <3

6. “Unpolluted by fame and popularity…Taemin [SHINee]” I was a bit surprised cuz I thought he would be higher up the list, but alls good cuz he still made it XD

5. “Korea’s sweetheart of Kpop…SoHee [Wonder Girls]” She really is sooooo cute *_*

4. Hyung Joon [SS501] That is so unfair! How come Baby doesnt get an awesome description =_= Its ok I’ll make you one “The sweet, cute, kind hearted boy that has a mentality of a 12 year old” HAHAHA oh how I love the boy!

3. “Cute and multitalented…Seungri [Big Bang]” I was waiting for his name to pop up cuz its SEUNGRI, who can deny his cuteness and awesomeness <3

*Drumrolllllll~~~~* I think the last two is pretty much obvious, I mean, which bands are left =P

2. Changmin [DBSK] Aw he doesnt have a description either. I’ll let Candychu do this =P But wow, I actually thought he’d be Number 1, cuz this is fan voted and well DBSK fans go pretty hard out for these lol. But nevertheless, he definitely belongs to the top 2 cuz his sooo darn adorable and sexchi!

1. “Natural talent, Naturally sweet…KyuHyun [SUJU]” I knew he would be high up the list somewhere, cuz our Suju magnae is just bursting with adorableness and cuteness that makes everyone love him!


  1. The video doesn’t work :c

  2. haha. so who’s first and second? the video has been removed ):

  3. I would’ve been very surprised if Taemin didn’t make it at all. Like wtf, he’s so squishy and adorable. ;_; Lol Sohee’s the only girl :D

    our Suju magnae is just bursting with adorableness and cuteness
    …..I’ve never seen this. T_T To me he just kind of exudes sexiness and charisma and suaveness and all that hot stuff. PRZ 2 SHOW ME THE CUTE D: D:

  4. Changmin should’ve been #1! Lol. I love Kyuhyun too :]. I really like Chris as well. He really is very charming. He speaks pretty fluent English too :D.

  5. I love Changmin..yes, i am going marry him. *Candychu you have Henry!!!*

    Buuuuttt…Hes all manly right now, Kyu~ is still all cute and has a really adorable smile.
    That and his voice..can really melt anyone.. ^^

  6. ^*COUGH* Henry doesn’t mind me being a little greedy ;)

    KYUMIN R TOP 2 OMG *____*

    I can’t believe Changmin didn’t get a description…well here’s mine for him: The sexiest magnae to ever roam not only this planet but the entire Milkyway galaxy.

    Lol, I’m just as corny as Arirang XD

  7. *squeals* YAYYYYYYYYY Kyu came first <3
    Oh man…he’s gotten so incredibly hot lately *droools*

    If anyone needs the video here it is:

  8. ^ Whoa~ thank you so much! :D

    Lol Seungri’s name always throws me off. D: I know it’s pronounced “seung-nee,” but alskjdf they spell it with an R and I’m a visual person, so I keep thinking it’s pronounced R DDD: /lol yeah random

    I need to see that SHINee photoshoot. *_*

  9. It should work now. Thanks for the heads up!

    HAHA Im such an idiot. =_= Thanks for letting me know!

    SoHee is special, thats why lol. And I thought Taemin deserved higher, but oh well. Omg what do you mean you’ve never seen KyuHyun bursting with adorableness and cuteness? LOL I see him act all childish in front of his hyungs all the time XDD

    LOL. I think they both deserved no.1. Should have let them tie XD Have you heard Chris sing “Take me to your heart”? He’s sooo good!!

    Haha. I dont think its wise to declare a love battle against Candychu. She might block you from our site =PP lol. I agree though, Changmin has sexified and Kyu is still kiddie boy XD

    HAHA. I knew you would come up with something worst than Arirang! Total cringe-worthy material =P

    XDD Thanks for the link. I found it on youtube aswell!


    thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Kyuhyun is somewhere in the middle of cute and hot! seriously, it just depends on how he presents himself and when he sings, its definately HOT!!!!! im so glad he got no one! no surprise for me though. he is so damn cute. 9esp when he is around his hyungs!) no doubt about that. congrats to kyuhyun!!! and the others too ofcourse!

  12. Lol I pretty much agree with the list … though I thought it would be Changmin who’d be #1. haha love your description for Min candychu :D Taemin is the ultimate Magnae on the list.

    3 of the 7 aren’t really babies anymore though :( *those who’s under 20 I consider babies* haha guess for the fan girls who’s 20 and up are rejoicing cause now they can’t be called pedos by their friends anymore lol

  13. niniteeh
    Lol. Go all the boys that made it on the list haha. Glad you liked it XD

    Lol I guess your right. He can sometimes be very mature and suave, but then sometimes his like a dork who acts all babyish with his hyungs. And I guess thats why he’s so loved by us. <3

    LOL. Well Andy is hitting his 30’s and I still consider him Shinhwa’s baby hahahaha. XD Though I agree most of them arent babies anymore, *coughChangmincough*, but I guess for fans, they’re always considered the baby of the group.

  14. waaattt ?!
    whyyy changminnie just 2nd TT^TT
    hhmmph .

    anyways atleast my second fave kyuhyun oppa is the 1st .. bwahaha XD .. lol

    but still for my minnie’s FIRST ! lol x3 ..

    SeungRi wee ~ 3rd !! my 3rd fave is 3rd ahah lol that was awesome XD .. xp ..

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