Posted by: beckery | September 19, 2008

DBSK’s “Mirotic” – Full Version

Listen to it *HERE* I cant find the youtube link yet, but this site worked fine for me. Oh and lookie, new photo XDD

Youtube link HERE. Thank you abc123zyx <33 Or *HERE* for the song with translations. Thanks to ImJustKeed’In.


I LIKE THE SONG!! The rapping sounds hawwtttt and still cant get over how sexy the “under my skin” parts sound! OMG GO AND LISTEN NAO!!!

Does it sound slower than the preview though? I dont know, but it still sounds hella AWESOME. Well from the 2nd listen anyways. Need to listen to it more, but I really have to bolt to work before I get my ass fired. I’ll let the other authors edit this.

candychu: beckery is right, it does sound slower than the PV ;___; THOUGH that may be due to the fact that when there are visuals of half naked men dancing around your brain kinda goes a little cuckoo so everything appears to speed up a bit as your brain slowly turns to mush. Does that make sense?

The song is awesome and it has, to me, a sort of “Purple Line” feel. The rap and the “Come on Come on” is so hot *______*

Also, Changmin and Junsu took part in writing two songs in their album :DD

Interest in TVXQ’s 4th album “MIROTIC” becomes hotter with every day. Its planned release date is September 24. Included in this album are the reverse beat dance song ‘주문-MIROTIC,’ which has a sophisticated melody and intoxicating chorus, and ballad, R&B, acid jazz, remakes, and more that makes a variety of 12 songs.

Two TVXQ members have participated in writing the songs. Junsu wrote ‘노을.. 바라보다’ (Look at.. the Sunset), a ballad which showcases TVXQ’s vocals, and is about wanting to protect your girl with your heart. It has impressive and emotional lyrics. From their 3rd Japanese album “T,” ChangMin wrote the Korean version lyrics to the heart-wrenching ballad song ‘Love in the Ice.’

This 4th album shows TVXQ in attractive, new, diverse songs. The sophisticated ‘Wrong Number’ has grooves with a dark, mysterious atmosphere that features for the first time JaeJoong’s rap.

With an electronic beat and strings’ harmonic melody, ‘CRAZY LOVE,’ written by famous lyricist Kim Young Hoo, is about a man who doesn’t want to give up on the woman he loves, and makes a pledge. In addition, Lee Yong’s hit song ‘잊혀진 계절’ (Forgotten Season) in the 1980s will be newly made into JaeJoong’s solo, which will expose it to the younger generation.

The title song ‘주문-MIROTIC’ will be available to the public on all music sites on September 19. On the 21st in front of City Hall, TVXQ will have their first 4th album promotional activity in their “Dong Bang Shin Ki Autumn Mini Concert.”

Source: Newsen
source finder: legra88@multiply

IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. “White Lie” is definitely on my top 10 All time favourite DBSK songs and so I’m looking forward to this. Junsu + ballad = heartbreak to the max. And you know what, I’m really curious as to where Changmin is finding all his inspiration to write songs about love…


  1. the more i listen to it, the more addicted i am to the song!!!


    DBSK overload!!!

  2. I love this photo. And I absolutely love this song. It does sound slower and not as powerful as the preview. Maybe it’s cause I’m just hearing the song, and the images from the PV add to it. Nonetheless, it’s really catchy and I want the whole album!

    YT link:

  3. you mean city hall in korea or singapore?

  4. diana
    Same! The song is sooo catchy. Theres going to be heaps more DBSK in the next few days so hold on tight XD

    Thanks for the link! Lol I think you commented twice, so I deleted the other ones =P I think its a bit slower, but then like you and Candychu said, it might be because of the whole visual thing. However, I still love the song <3

    Its in Korea.

  5. Song with English subtitles.

    Translation credits: elune @
    Subbing Credits: cassiopeial0ve @

  6. Also to add! Someone on youtube said, the song is about all the fans.. XD
    (Don’t you think it fits?? That and they are like held hostage in the MV? Jae tied up..hmmm, what are they trying to say??)

    Ah, analyzing thing is fun!

  7. ImJustKeed’In
    Thank you. <3

    Yea lol, I read about it at Soompi. I was surprised it fitted so well lol. Cant wait for the whole MV XD

  8. I really like the chorus. ^^

    Hmm, what’s this about JJ rapping? D: Interesting…

  9. Alex Ryom
    I like the whole song lol. But the chorus is so catchy! And I love the rap. I think the whole album is going to be so interesting, since they’re all doing something differentish.

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