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SHINee are fit for success

The article was written after filming the 8th episode of the reality show. I went on soompi and it was posted in big font who got chosen (which I’m still a bit annoyed about .__.) so if you don’t want it ruined for you then don’t read this article XD They kinda rub in the fact that the person who hasn’t been chosen yet hasn’t been chosen yet. Lol okay reading over that, it sounds funny XD. But his reasoning was SO CUTE LOL. Typical male thing to say ;)

I hope the 8th ep is up tonight because MOAR SHINee PLEASE!!! Lol. Also, check out my new avatar (when it changes). THEY’RE PURPLE KEYS in the shape of hearts (and yes, I googled images “Purple Key” ROFL). Prz tell me they’re awesome :DD!!

Boy band fits formula for success
Thursday September 18, 2008 Korea

A chorus of young voices light up the room.

“Hi! We’re SHINee!”

Bright and bubbly, the brand new five-member boy band shouts and bows in unison.

Here at the S.M. Entertainment headquarters on a Tuesday afternoon for their interview with The Korea Herald, the fledgling pop singers file in eagerly.

The future looks bright for them. After all, they are under the label that brought us top boy bands TVXQ and SuperJunior.

They are young. They are hot. And they are singing their way into pop fans’ hearts.

In short, this group of 15 to 18-year olds fits the formula for making it in the Korean pop industry.

And it seems to be working.

Just three months into their career, the group crooned their way into the hearts of older women across the nation with their debut single, “Replay,” nabbing a Cyworld Digital Music “Rookie of the Month” Award and a Mnet 20’s Choice “Hot New Star” Award with the surefire chorus, “Sister, you’re so pretty.”

“Love like Oxygen,” the first single off of SHINee’s full length album, climbed to the number three spot for the first week of September on music download site Soribada (

Their first full length album, “The SHINee World,” hit the top of the Korean pop charts this week on online music store Hottracks ( following its release in late August.

But before they make it big, SHINee wants to let people know who they are and what their new album is all about.

It is just past lunchtime when they roll in. Jong-hyun and Key, the most talkative of the group, introduce themselves first.

Decked out in skinny black jeans and jackets it is hard to tell who is who, save for the youngest member, Tae-min, who is wearing a bowler hat.

Having already been on the interview circuit, the boys act like pros. SHINee leader O-new, in particular, keeps his cool. That is until the band starts talking about their Mnet reality show.

In each episode, a female guest star dates SHINee. At the end of each show, she gets to choose her favorite.

The boys start laughing as they discuss how Key got picked twice and everyone but O-new won once.

The 18-year old singer crosses his arms and pouts: “I haven’t been chosen yet because I didn’t want to get picked.”

As the joking and bantering goes on, it gets easier to tell them apart. The tanned, ambitious one with the strong vocals is Jong-hyun. The kid who never gets picked but always acts with a sense of duty is O-new.

Tae-min is the baby with the hip-hop moves. Key takes the band’s energy level up a notch. And Min-ho, who sits shyly in the corner for most of the interview, likes to play soccer and basketball.

So what is it like to be in a boy band?

“We sleep in one room with five beds,” answered Key.

“Jong-hyun sings in his sleep,” adds O-new.

“I make Tae-min fried dumplings, heat things up for him,” Key says proudly.

“Three-minute chef!” The rest of the band teases him.

All the boys laugh as they talk about living together. But they become more serious when it comes to music.

“Everyone wanted to be a performer from early on,” said Key, who started preparing for his debut in his second year of middle school. Taemin went to auditions when he was in sixth grade. The other boys also got cast for S.M. Entertainment in 2005 and 2006.

They talk about it as if this was all ages ago, which seems odd, since they is still in their teens and because it serves as a reminder that these are not just your average run-of-the-mill kids. They are full-time singers.

But despite the fact that they are mature when it comes to work, SHINee are still inexperienced when it comes to dating.

“Because we started training early, there was no time to date,” Key says. “So when we got ‘Replay,’ we were really surprised, because we hadn’t fallen in love with an older woman before.”

“We got some secondhand experience from videos,” Jong-hyun points out.

“Music videos,” leader O-new clarifies, to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

That secondhand experience must have helped. The group convincingly courts an older girl in the music video for the hit single, while soulfully belting out the lyrics for this R&B song.

Many of the other tracks on their new album also stick to the topic of romance, including Jong-hyun’s favorite “Love’s Way,” and “ROMANTIC,” which Min-ho cites as his favorite track.

So while the boys themselves might not be ready for love, it looks like their fans will have a hard time keeping themselves from falling for them.

By Jean Oh

Source: koreaherald
gingerpeach @ soompi


  1. “Music videos,” leader O-new clarifies, to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

    I like her writing style. :D I mean, all she wrote was basically what we already knew, but the way the wording is.. I think it’s really good. XD I actually read through it all, instead of just skimming. Never mind if you don’t know what I’m trying to say. XD My sentences have all been ~fail~ recently. D:

    Omg, I want to watch the 8th episode soon~ :DDDD

    Alskdjf when will your avatar change?!!!?!??? Oh btw, did you pick that first image that came up on google? xD

  2. hahahaha.. your new avie is pretty..awesome…. lol.. i like it. really!:P

    So while the boys themselves might not be ready for love, it looks like their fans will have a hard time keeping themselves from falling for them.

    ^^true that.. OMG LOLOLOLOL.. MINHO! ackkkk i’m falling too!! haha

  3. Lmao, I did NOT get the Keys in your avatar XDDDDD

    I thought it was one of those plastic fairy wands….I used to have a purple one of those :D

  4. etherenia

    Lol no it’s okay, I understood what you meant! And I agree ^^

    Haha yep that’s the one I picked :D

    Why thank you :)

    Lol I’ve already fallen in love with all of them (except for Taemin cause that’s weird XD)

    LOL SHUSH It’s much cooler than just a plastic wand XD

  5. Hey candychu! I just saw your new avi and I think it’s very cute! I don’t want to read the entry until I see episode 8 (although I’m pretty sure I already know who gets picked…) so expect a proper reply later. Lol, sorry for the spam comment.

  6. haha SHINee is such a wonderful bunch.
    I liked the article :D

    lol seriously, I feel like EVERY Korean group has a bullied leader.

    But love’s way and romantic are good songs, my favs. from their album.

  7. I see your icon now yaaaaay XD

    And ep. 8 of their show is out now :D!!!

  8. Didn’t want to get picked? At the start Onew was overly competitive if anything.Lol I think he’s given up by now. This noona will date you! Music videos! XD

    Even though almost all young Kpop stars say that they’ve never dated/kissed/had an “other” I think I actually believe Shinee. Even so, Ep.8 was epic win.

  9. I’ve alr watched th 8th ep, it’s really romantic of Minho to date th noona, you guys should watch it for yourself, I like this episode too :D

  10. Yay, JH and I have the same favourite song! Ha, and I’m surprised to hear that Romantic is Minho’s favourite since he doesn’t have a very big part in it.

    Lol, yep, it is really hard for me to keep from falling for them, especially when I watch their show! Aww, episode eight was amazing! Poor dubu, don’t worry – you’ll get picked soon!

    I wish I could have heard what they said about living together though – I’m desperate to know how they act around each other. I still feel like we don’t know very much. Anyway, thanks for posting up this interview.

  11. yumimaki
    Aw, thank you <3 And dw, it’s not spam. I love reading comments ^___^
    Lol I know what you mean about knowing not a lot about them but it’s okay, there’s still plenty of time! And I think to Minho, it isn’t really about having a big part but more the ~feel~ of the song. He just seems like a really romantic person to me ^___^

    LOL I KNOW EH! Or maybe it’s an SM thing? Does GD get bullied? XD
    I still haven’t heard the whole album but Romantic and Last Gift are def. favourites <3

    YAY :DD Hahah thanks for letting me know <3

    Hahaha Onew is adorable <3 I think they must watch a TONNE of music videos since they’re all so romantic and sweet ^___^

    I really enjoyed the past two eps – they were so fun :)

  12. You’re right – hopefully they’ll be around a long time and we’ll get to know tons more about them then. Oh, I’m so sad – I want to know everything now!

    After watching epi. 8, I can definitely attest to the fact that he does seem romantic – guess that’s why it’s his favourite song. *cringes at her own joke*

  13. yumimaki
    haha there there. Lol but even in episode 1, Minho went to a lot of effort on his date. Hahaa lol I cringed at myself too when I thought “Aw he’s so romantic for liking “Romantic”” XDD

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