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080918 SHINee win No.1 on MCountdown

Lol, I’ve changed the title several times cause I kept trying to look for the exact award they won XD

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SHINee WON MUTIZEN FROM MNET! mcountdown!!!!
so happy!! so emotional!!! lololol..
im so PROUD of them!!!
and, and they performed ROMANTIC!!


Nothing is up yet but nylenuol has provided us with lovely daum links which are driving me insane because they refuse to load. If, however, you are more fortunate than I am click here to watch them being announced as a winner and here to watch their perf of “Romantic”.

I am so going to cry when I watch this. Will edit with youtube links ASAP :D

SHINee winning Mutizen – OMG YOU GUYS I AM CRYING ;___; It breaks my heart when I see people cry no matter what the reason and omg this is just so sad and sweet and I’m so happy for them. They’re so hard working and truly deserve this and argh CONGRATULATIONS TO SHINee <3333

The beginning was super cute though. I know what you mean, babiegel, about Hongki not knowing where to stand. But wow, I AM SO PROUD OF THEM.

p.s Even at times like this though, I can still poke fun at Onew. He looks gorgeous smiling and crying; at 2.26 he bends down to hug Minho right? But in actual fact Minho is BOWING to the sunbaes behind him and Onew must’ve thought he was comforting him XDD OH ONEW <33333

::EDIT:: This clip was taken after they announced the winner and SHINee walked off to the side. Onew comforts the other members and it’s so sweet. See, he doesn’t fail as a leader! I hope he somehow watches this video (even though he’s in it already and knows exactly what he did XD) and realises “Hey, I’m really not that bad. I’m a pretty cool hyung :DD!!” So touching ^^ /edit

Beckery: Just adding in the youtube link for their “Romantic Performance *here* Congratulations to the boys! I always knew they had it in them cuz they’re made of all types of awesomeness <333 *throws confetti, blows up balloons, pops open champagne Coke bottles and brings out the cake* Lets celebrate XDDDD

candychu: FAV SONG, YUUUS!!! Onew’s voice cracked AGAIN XD. They didn’t sing the whole song so thank goodness Key got his “Still I have romantic in my heart” line. I’ll have to say, Key didn’t sound as good as he did in the studio version (only because he sounded superb lol; his voice was a bit shaky near the start and it’ll get better as time goes by, I’m sure!) but Taemin sung a lot better than I expected. Jonghyun was PWOARSOME and just an amazing singer ~

It was an awesome first time performance, though! And hello Hongki who is obviously a SHINee fan lol ;)


  1. awww~ congratulations SHINee <33
    sooo proud of them *_____*
    is that Key and Jonghyun crying? *.*
    They must have been soo happy ^___^

  2. ^Yes it is! But I STILL CANT WATCH ANYTHING ;_______;

    And I see 2am behind them :)

  3. Congratulations Shinee!!!

    aww Key, Onew & Jonghyun were crying :*(
    Taemin’s eyes were misty but he didn’t cry like his hyungs and didn’t see if Minho was crying

    Lol at the beginning when both groups were mixed up on where they should stand then Hongki stood with Shinee instead of his group :D Hongki and Taemin were MC’s!!!

  4. ^DDD: Did you manage to watch it on Daum? Omg I’m so jealous. AND WOOT I love it when Jailbait mingle with each other :) Oh it’s gonna be so awesome. Hongki and Taemin as MCs? That is sooooo cute.


  5. i can’t seem to comment on WP.. Huuuu.. T_T hope this one gets through! lol
    YT link: announcement of winner

    dl links: LLO in suspenders! lajdlhdskfjsl;hfdhgo


    so happy for the kids! lol!! they are soo cute!akjzkldjs

  6. yes I did :D and the performance was awesome lol at 1:34 you can see Hongki seeing with them hehe so cute

  7. I meant singing lol not seeing … ahh time to go sleep I think

  8. ^The youtube link is up :DD *is watching now* Hehe gnite then ~!

  9. OHH THANK YOU WHAT A GOOD NEWS TO END MY NIGHT WITH. ok, to *start* my night actually since i have unfinished work due tmrw. but yeayyyyy like, finally. CONGRATULATIONS BOYS! note to self: hard work pays!

    with the internet speed here in my country, i should give up on Daum but YouTube here i come!

  10. OMG!! im so happy for them! FINALLY a mutizen!
    i feel they deserve a mutizen for noona nomu yeoppo too
    i want to hug sundubu leader
    for the moment my internet is dead, hope i can catch it tomorrow!
    \(^o^)/ hurray!

  11. now that i can think properly.. is the award for mcountdown called mutizen(my bad)like inki? hehe
    lol.. iono..but whatever.. the essence of the award is still the same. and yes, i think they deserved to win something for NYSP coz that song is adhaldhal;hsjh! but this one is already great so all is good. plus their album sales are topping charts. way to go shinee.. !!!

  12. OMG!! Congratulations SHINee!! I’m so so so proud of them. They totally deserve this after all their hardwork. I’m screaming (sorta, without the aaa~~) in my throat when I read this.

    Wow.. I just watch them performed ROMANTIC (my fav song). It’s so beautiful. I dont think I can sleep tonight. I’ve been praying they’ll perform this LIVE someday, and they did on this very special day. *i’msohappyithinki’mgonnacry*

    Btw, thank you so much for posting all the amazing SHINee posts. I’ve been stalking yall all this while. *evilgrins* I just wanna say ILOVEU. =D

  13. IM EXTREMELY PROUD OF THEM! HAHA i was really disappointed cos they did not win anything for noona you’re so pretty! and they finally got it this time!!!!!!!!!!!! they looked sooooo happy and i was moved to tears too!!! jonghyun had his face covered throughout THE WHOLE TIME!!! he and onew and key couldn’t stop crying!!!!!!!!!!!!! imagine them celebrating in their dorm now~~~HAHAAH SO HAPPY FOR THEM! ALL THEIR HARD WORK!!! i was losing hope cos i saw that they were competin against ft. BUT I WAS WRONG! SHINEE IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! they are gonna be the big thing this year! now i’m hoping they will win the new artiste award which i really think they will get getting!!!!

  14. Ahh~~ I’m so happy for them!!! But… like you, I find it heartbreaking to see someone cry no matter the reason, and then I start crying too. D: Even just seeing the picture is making me all alksjdlkfj T_______T How am I going to be able to watch the video? XD

  15. I AM SO PROUD OF THEM! This is the only group that I have followed since their the very beginning with their debut, and they’ve worked so hard to get where they are so quickly. It was really touching to see then cry, and I just want to give them all a big hug. I think they’d definitely win the newcomer’s award (if there is one).

  16. ah another video of them after mcountdown.. thanking the fans…you can see jonghyun crying like a baby.. it made me cry again too. T_T

    it’s so touching that they are still overwhelmed by this.. that they can’t seem to believe they actually got 1st! hope they get the new artist award! ^^

  17. inquinn
    YOU’RE WELCOME! And lol I’m inspired to work harder for my upcoming exams now hahaha

    Apparently they got some Cyber digital award for that song? I’m not sure but I hope your net is alive now!!

    I need to like suffocate you with hugs lol. Haha yeah I don’t think it’s called mutizen so I changed it to “#1” XD

    I KNOW! I’m so happy for them. Romantic is my favourite song too!! ^___^
    Aw you’re welcome! Thank you for reading + commenting <3333

    AREN’T WE ALL!! I think they got one award for that song but it may have been an online one? I’m not sure!

    Eek didn’t FT Island start crying? I don’t remember which one but one put their head on another’s shoulder and I read on soompi that the members were pretty upset and so some fans got angry? Not too sure but argh that’s competition for ya.

    *huggles you* We can cry together :D

    ME TOO! This is why I’m particularly attached to them. And actually I think I’ve done more SHINee posts on this blog then every other artist combined XD

  18. OMG~ It actually made me kinda sad even though I’m not an emotional person … at all. Jonghyun just looks so sad [except he’s crying ’cause he’s happy. O___o’] and it makes me wanna cry too and comfort him. And key too. Key actually wiped some of his makeup off, if you notice.

  19. ^Yeah, I wanna give them all one big group hug; they’re so adorable <3

  20. omg this is it.. they won the mutizen and i’m sure now its MUTIZEN! lol.. 2 wins in a week!! gosh i’m sooo happy! hahaha!! love these boys!!..

  21. ^I just did a post on it! Go watch and spazz with me :DDD

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